Vacation: 1st Night  

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7/19/2006 1:21 pm

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Vacation: 1st Night

Okay. Been back for about a week I guess. Let me describe most of the interesting nights we had.

1st Day/Night: We left Thursday down to Phoenix which is about a two hour drive from where we live. We got to Phx, showered, hit the mall and shopped like crazy. As the sun went down, the naughty side came out. We went to the closest bar, did jager shots like crazy. Got a few phone numbers from guys and girls. Then we went to a strip club called the Great Alaskan Bush Co. My husband and I got so many lap dances that night. It was great! We ended up getting bombed out of our minds. I mean "fucked up". Good thing we met a cpl of guys there that said they wouldn't mind driving us back to the room. FYI: Next time we're calling a cab! Anyways, at the room I decided to give the guys a little thank you present. Just a handjob, but at least it was something right. Hell, we didn't know these guys that well. The rest of the night ended with us watching porn and me giving the hubby head while he watched the girls on tape. Pretty decent night, but we were a little tired from the active day. So on to tomorrow. That'll be my next blog. When I have some more time. Hope u enjoyed.

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