Meeting people,,cyber or real?  

rm_cravemore82 34F
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4/26/2006 4:25 am
Meeting people,,cyber or real?

I can see i have really enjoyed being on AdultFriendFinder, i got to broadcast my cam (and boy was that fun) ...i got meet new people that i hadn't met before ...met some really great ones, some jerks, some annoying, some weird >>> that get you thinking wat the hell was that...did i really see/do that with them? my gosh!

The bad side i received because of sexual activity (the sexual fun was wonderful for a moment)... is you are treated badly or annoyed by those you have/haven't had sex with.
Why can't woman have fun without being degraded or it that just a males advantage?

But,I love the friends i have gained...the good times i have had,
and the rest
1/cams - u can't touch them or receive that real, raw sexual feeling when you get in person when there is mutual sexual attraction!
2/in person - the whole mess of arranging to meet...seeing them and being disappointed or vice-versa..or just a plain uncomfortable experience you receive

Do you be gutsy and forthright towards them..offer to have some fun..and be rejected with excuses? is it pointless because you are wasting time and energy on bullshit artists... which you won't ever meet..

What about offering to travel and meet them?
Is that being giving or desperate?

Or do you let them chase you?

On the other hand Don't you get a choice? can you change your mind if they do nothing for u or do you go ahead and pretend to be satisfied with them?

Wats the point of being specific and wanting a specific type..if they ignore you wishes?

Do you cyber with one you will never see in person because of the distance in location..which is fun but eventually it gets boring..

well i have had enough of all that...i am not a machine that can be kicked and insulted, and the turned on with a button..tired of being treated less than a person....its sad because all the bad has outweighed the good and now the good will miss out...sexually that is...

But for now my sexuality is back into the closet...Because i am tired, bored, lost and numb from it all...i no longer feel the same way..

I hope other have more success than me.
good luck guys and gals!

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