School then play  

rm_cowman72 28M
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8/11/2006 7:38 am
School then play

It was a good day today. Went to school. Did a bit off work. Some from today. Some from a month ago. Went to visit my grandfather. I call him Grandad. He alright. Came home. Kept working on my Solo CD that I am working on. I play all Guitar, all Bass Guitar, I have electric drums sounds on it becouse their cheaper then a drum kit. I just have to enlist the help off a singer. I have freinds for that. Now, even though their are other people playing on it, It's still a solo CD becouse I'm writing the lyrics, I just need someone with a half decent voice to sing. I am not even eligable for half decent. Then I went to a couple of mate s places and came home and got on the net. Pretty exciting, huh? Oh well. I think it is. All the small things that I do I can find very entertaining some how. Hehehe. Alright. Gotta go to bed. See ya's all someday soon. Catch

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