Saturday nite-citement  

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10/15/2005 6:36 pm

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Saturday nite-citement

Well this is the first blog that we plan to do every Saturday nite. My wife and and I were both married for a long time prior to our getting together, and let's just say that we both stayed longer than we should've for our kids sake only. Well I guess destiny is for real because that is the only way I can explain our union. We have been together for 4yrs and married for a little over 2. Through alot of conversations (not all pleasent or civil) we have come to learn that we share so many things in common and our sexual desires and fantasies we're both a relief and exciting suprise to both of us. This is Saturday 10/15/05 @9pm and we are off on our first real date to go dancing I've always been told I dance like a drunk chicken,but my wife caught me and told me otherwise, so she has convinced me to go and just try to enjoy. We have also accepted who we are and are wanting to try things both sexual and otherwise that we have had to supress for years. Well we're off to let go and finally start living life as it should be, hope you will wish us luck in our sexual adventures, as we will update each week on how things are progressing we would like to hear any suggestions that anyone may have or experiences that you have had in this ever changing and exciting existance that we cal life. And if no one else will say it I will SEX GREATSEX, is truly what keeps us young and the world turning. Be safe and let us know your thoughts.

11/18/05 well it's been a while but we finally hooked up with a great match for us we were able to meet for drinks and get to know each other. Well this weekend we are going to hook up for the fun part and we are really excited to get with pony4play. keep reading and we will fill you in on all the hot juicy details.

12/15/05 Sorry it's taken so long to update but have I got an experience that we had that was incredible. We had our 1st 3way w/a bi guy we started slowly w/drinks and strip poker then we slowly moved to the king size bed. once the toys and protection were laid out I slowly exposed my wife's hot spot to our 3rd and then man the fun started. I took his cock and slowly guided it into her. The look of pleasure and calmness on her face was such a releif cause this being our 1st time we both as nervous as virgins on prom nite. I can honestly say though this has brought us closer together. She is getting more and more comfortable with this and is working on adding a female to the mix.(I can't wait for that). I also gave my first blow job and really enjoyed it. My wife did help and give some pleasure hints. I am waiting for the day that I get to teach her how to eat pussy. Pony4play was a great partner for us cause meeting 1st and getting comfortable with each other made it a lot easier and better because there were no uneasy feeeling and unsurities that made it odd and uncomfortable. The sight of and photoing another man's cock in my wife was a huge turn on for me and for her was watching he and I have oral with each other. We are activly seeking new partners so if you are intrested please contact us we love sex and adventure. Till next time may you all have hard cocks, wet pussies and multiple orgasims.

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10/15/2005 10:02 pm

Wow, good luck to you both! What a great story...As a still married woman (with kids) I hope someday that my destiny will happen and I will find the man I am truly meant to be with and enjoy all those wonderful adventures you have .....what a happy story to read before I go to sleep! I'm a believer that good things happen to good people, sometimes it is a matter of time. Hope you had fun on your date.

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