Upcomming Plans  

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8/27/2006 2:36 pm
Upcomming Plans

Well Robin and I were discussing what I wanted for my 40th birthday. It is in late September.I replied I wanted a three-some with another women.(Dont all men) It would be nice. Well she did not say no, but she did not say yes either. But she did knod of hint it would maybe be a slight possibility....

Here is how, if it were to happen, to play out.

First we would meet the willing lady for dinner and drinks. Hopefully there would be some flirting from the ladies back in forth at me. Oh yes, there would be no activity between the two women, it would all be directed at me. She is just not the least bit bi courious. After drinks, dinner and maybe a few more drinks, we would head back to the motel room, freshen up a bit and slowly be seduced by two women. IT would be nice if the other woman would but on something sexy for bed. Like heels, stockings, etc, or just suprise me. There would also be me taking care of the ladies the best I could do... It would also be nice if the willing female participant would wear a nice sexy dress for dinner, not to reaveling, but just enough to be classy and a bit trashy. The wife would be dressed in a simiar fashion.

I am not looking to have a swap, or swing night. But just a nice three-some with another feamle. Again there will be no sexual contact between the two women. Looking for women wo are late 30s to early 40s who are weight and height poportioned, non smokers, D/D free and yes protection is a must, and as always discretion is a must.

Again, I know this is just a fantasy and that there is a one and a million chance this will ever go down. But if she were to allow it I need to be making plns now. So if by chance there are any women who are interested in this, please drop us a line with some pics.


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