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2/25/2006 12:45 pm

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Lost in the woods, wandering blindly.
Feeling that it's just out of reach.
Almost..... Soon.....

Sit down, knees drawn tight to my chest.
Head down, tears pooling on the ground.
Why????? Save me.....

Your Presence surrounds me. Gather me in your arms.
Holding..... Carressing..... Comforting.....

"Shhh" you whisper softly in my ear.
"You are safe now, with me"

"Yes Master" I say, whiping the tears from my cheeks.

I close my eyes to center myself, and breathe deeply.
Your essence so strong in the air.
Your hands lightly rubbing down my back, my hips.

Then without warning, our tongues collide.
My head back from the grip you have on my hair.

"come with me, my precious. together we will journey, adventure and explore... and love"

"but you already have my love, and the desire to follow you anywhere and make you happy is what keeps me going every day"
In loving submission

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