When is a date really a date?  

rm_cord64 40M
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4/5/2006 8:28 am
When is a date really a date?

From past experiences, a date involves picking up said datee at a pre-determined location, possibly presenting flowers, then driving to another pre-determined location for dinner or a movie. Or both. The man usually (but not always) pays for this, and at the end of the date, the woman might or might not reciprocate for the good time. If it was a bad date, too bad for the guy. If it was very good, then the guy might get very lucky.

I'm very open minded, and I have no complaints if a woman asks that since I paid for dinner, if she can cover the movie. Hey, that's cool with me. I don't crap money you know. But there are some women who insist that a guy should be very traditional and pay for the date, movie, everything. These women often call the men old fashioned and nice, but in reality, it's reverting back to the good old days of "I Like Ike" and such. Why do I say this, you may ask? Simple. Because I look at stupid people and wonder.

No, hear me out for a second. Or read me out. Whatever.

I consider both the far right and the far left to be a bunch of looneys. I don't mean your average Joe and Sally Schmoe, I'm talking assh*les like Fred Phelps, who gives those conservatives a bad name, or those lying nutjobs from PETA, who make us animal lovers cringe. These are the people who take a simple issue and scream bloody murder about it. It's these people who give the rest of the 95% who are more middle of the road a bad name. It's these extreme idiots who I tend to notice.

Let's think like an extremist moron right now. I paid for your dinner, drove you around, paid for your movie. That's a $70-$100 investment right there, no? Okay, now at the end of the night, I hope for something. I'm not going to lie, I hope I have a shot to maybe get a kiss or even better (and don't lie and claim you came to this site to just meet people. Please. We're not stupid). In these extremists minds, technically, if we sleep together after I shell out roughly $100 for a date, you're a prostitute. You're prostituting yourself out for free movies and food.

I'm not saying I believe this in any way, but I would like to point out that stupid people might think that way. There's a difference between hoping for sex and expecting sex after a date.

So what I'm rambling about is basically for stupid people who claim that everything is going to be bad if you breathe, shut the f*ck up please.

I have a life to enjoy.

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