Sometimes Less is More  

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3/30/2006 12:41 pm

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Sometimes Less is More

Been away from the blog for a while-wanted to try and get something of a life that did not revolve around sex. LOL. Been into my hotlist and I see that lovehoney1969 has gone I hope that is temp. Kat, please come back soon.

She was loud-proud-brazen and great fun, bit of a tease though, in that she knew just how to keep the guys (inc me) in her private chat room. However that is not the main reason for this blog though. I have seen some of the adverts from guys, also in the various groups and friendnetworks, thr majority of guys have on display what is known as "cockshots".

To my mind this is daft as most of the women I have seen advertising on this site, say "please do not send me shots of you c**k-I do know what one looks like". Or variations of that at least, of course if that is what a woman asks for directly then fine. The only group that would openly welcome pics of erect todgers are gay guys.

Otherwise-guys leave it out, it makes you look stupid, puts women off and uses up valuable bandwidth. I would be interested in hearing what you think about this from both girls and guys.

Best wishes-blackenuf

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