The Tantra Path.  

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1/16/2006 11:50 am

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The Tantra Path.

I have decided to start a new path in ife. It is in the study and practice of Tantra. So far it is a way that has brought me great inner peace. It is a way of viewing life and sexuality in it and that sexuality is sacred and is closely connected with spirituality and enlightenment. I have started reading a book called “The Essential Tantra” and I have started many of the things that it talks about. I find it very appealing. I feel very balanced and whole. There does not seem to be that old conflict of sex being wrong and dirty.

One thing that I feel is that it breaks down some old hypocrisies. Labels that come from a Puritanical paradigm such as claling a woman wore or slut if she has many partners. In this new light, if a woman has many sex partners, she should be labeled a queen and a goddess to be venerated well. She should not be degraded for her actions.

I welcome any thoughts and remarks.


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