rm_coolguy0039 54M
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7/16/2006 3:18 pm

I am doing a new thing called Vipassana Meditation and working towards awareness. A different level of awareness. Awareness in the sence that I truly know my own mind and why it is doing what it does. It is the searching of the inner depths of my heart and mind. Coming to a new level of awareness in myself and of truth as a whole. Becoming still and at peace with all those around me and the world and with myself. Not guilt. Not anger. No desatisfaction. And most of all nos suffering. So far I have experienced incredible peace and tranquility so far and I can only see it going deeper. Life is good and getting better. I don't have it all together but it seems that way to many. I had a close friend say in a letter that she hopes that theses find me content and at peace as I usually am. I find that rather flatering, because she might think differently if she could see my mind during meditations. It could be that these meditations are really making an impact of a greater magnitude than I think. I do wish all those around me to have good life and peace and success and happiness. This is the Vipassana way.

May you all be well and in good peace.


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