Aphrodite's Tea House  

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1/17/2006 2:48 pm

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Aphrodite's Tea House

Ah yes, Aphrodite. The Greek Goddess of love and beauty (the Romans called her Venus). Alas I find myself not only invoking her name in the search for a partner/mate but cruising AdultFriendFinder as well. I have often wondered if Hercules or Achilles had the same problem meeting women? As for Aphrodite, well I did worship her once… well, actually, it was more like have tea in little place in the woods called Aphrodite’s Tea House. It was merely a large tarp set up under a couple of large, impressive oak trees, set alongside a trail in the Monongahela National Forest. The event: a massive gathering of the tribes held once a year in a different state. It was late evening, and the Granola Funk Theater had just set up a large stage made of dead logs, complete with light and sound system, a truly bizarre sight in the middle of a wilderness late on this summer night. I climbed the short hill to the Teahouse and spent the better part of the evening and all night, drinking tea and smoking hand rolled cigs (tobacco for me, something else for a few other patrons) until near dawn the next morning, finally climbing into my own hooch (a hammock slung between two trees with a small tarp for cover) exhausted. Even at that early hour of the morning, I could still hear the rhythmic beat of hands and sticks on animal skins, the drum circle around the bonfire still going full tilt boogie with all manner of Hippies, New Agers, Angry Young Punks, Salty Road Dogs, Rasta’s, Rednecks and even a few soldiers home on leave from the war (some of them to subsequently go AWOL to the great annoyance of their commanding officers) , dancing, whirling, pogo-ing up and down like lunatics in a spiritually or chemically enhanced state…more than likely both.

That was one thing I did on my summer vacation...

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2/5/2006 7:00 pm

this was a most interesting read.

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