sexual resolutions for 2006  

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1/3/2006 8:03 pm

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sexual resolutions for 2006

i was checking out a lovely lady's blog, and she posted her "resolutions" for 2006. it seemed like a good idea, so today at work, i found myself wondering what i'd like to accomplish this year. this is what i came up with. feel free to post some of your own in any comments this might generate. while only some of these may come to pass, i figure if you gotta dream, dream big!

1. cunnilingus... lots of it. at the risk of sounding crude, i was eating pussy before i was doing anything else with it. it was just a natural for me. the 1st time i found my head between my high school lover's legs, i knew i was hooked. the aroma, the soft, velvet cushion of pubic hair, the sweet taste of her juices. ahhh... nothing better than feeling your woman tense up and contract, her soft moans, the whispering of your name as your tongue takes control and then her release... sometimes violent, other times subtle and gentle. the pleasure of licking her clit, circling it softly then hard... feeling it swelling against your lips. yep... i definitely want this. oddly enough, during my marriage, my spouse did not care for it. either it was my technique, or she was too sensitive. i went for years denied one of sex's most pleasurable joys. i assumed it was me, and i felt inadequate. after the divorce, the responses of various lovers made me realize it wasn't me at all.
2. apply toe nail polish to my lover's toes. gotta thing for feet. not a fetish, but if we're making love, and her feet are close to my mouth, i won't hesitate to lick them, suck some toe. (gotta be well taken care of, though... forget it if they are calloused and gnarly.) even when i was a massage therapist, my favorite part of giving a massage was the feet. that's when i got to show off. 9 times outta 10 my client would be snoring by the time i was done with the little dogs. i guess i'm inspired by the scene in that baseball movie where kevin costner is painting susan sarandon's toe nails. god, that LOOKS so sexy.
3. role play, dom/sub. i was initated to this type of relationship briefly for one summer. the first time she whispered "daddy" in my ear, i freaked. but i went with it. she became the naughty daughter, me the stern, but loving father. god, the sex was incredible. lucky me, she was addicted to the scenario. then we expanded. she was the good white witch, i was the evil warlock who made her powerless in my embrace. i actually felt the power i had over her! or the master-slave thing. it was all good. i've been looking for more of this ever since. for me, it was a fantastic aphrodisiac.
4. spanking... to be the spanker or the spankee? i've only been the spanker, but i'd be willing to give and receive with the right woman. i'm curious...
5. leather, leather, leather. want to shop with her, she can tell me what she'd like me to wear, and vice-versa. then we could go to one of those fetish nights downtown at the launchpad... hmmmm.

well, i'll consider myself lucky if i can keep one of these during the course of 2006. please, post some of your own...

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