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12/31/2005 7:23 pm

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a poem


like an old non-practicing catholic
who can't give up the rituals
i light sacred candles on my window ledge
improvise prayers whispered to the wind
hope somehow they will find their way to you

the green candle is for the time we stayed up
throughout the night revealing how pain
and loneliness
have been our closest companions since
who knew when
made us lean and strong in spirit
able to remain distant in crowds
provided the shield we needed to go through
life unscathed
realizing we belonged to the same wandering tribe
you took my hand and placed it on your small
delicate breast
said you wanted me to touch you
our defenses dropped almost as quickly
as the clothes hitting the floor
around our happy feet

the blue candle is the purr lodged in your throat
when i would come from behind
plant my kiss between your shoulder blades
slide my thumbs under the elastic of your panties
and slowly pull down while my tongue left
a slow sticky trail along your spine
an amourous snail looking for your sex
one lick at a time

when i light the red one...
ahh, the red one
i see the first night you got up from our bed
tiptoed to the closet and returned with your
black leather belt
begged me to use it
whispered in my ear the thing you wanted me to do
scared but curious i lashed out at your pure
unblemished ass
felt the heat of your desire scorch my lips
as i kissed the rising welts crisscrossing
your flushed bottom

and this candle
this candle is the day i walked out your door
it was November then
it has been November ever since
other women proving to me (as you knew they would)
it doesn't get any better than what i had with you
now, even during summer's hottest day when heat
rises from blacktop
blurry and rippled with a life of its own
i am cold and barren inside

my heart
a tree
which has lost
all its leaves

(published in justus roux's Erotic Tales, included in the erotic anthology Touched by Eros, and also included in my recently published collection, McLife... Main Street Rag press.) not a shameless plug, just acknowledging those nice enough to present it to a larger audience.

now, i chose this poem for my first entry because upon discovering this site, i've been made to realize i may find this passion, this intense sexual power and play once more... like being given a second chance. the beauty of this site is most of the members seem free and secure enough to state what they want, what they are looking for. it's all upfront, no "... i enjoy longwalks and watching the sunset, blah blah blah." don't get me wrong, i do to, but after reading profile after profile in which they basically say all the same thing, i'd throw my hands up in total frustration. my hat goes off to honesty, freedom to express. it's so refreshing.
"and that's all i have to say about that."

rm_conseco54 62M

1/2/2006 4:50 am

mzhunyhole... thanks for taking the time to stop by. glad you liked it.

rm_conseco54 62M

1/2/2006 4:56 am

mzhuny... sorry, guess i should click the "reply" and then respond. i'll get the hang of this. by the way, nice profile...

pleasurewithu2 49M

1/2/2006 8:13 am

was a good old fashion faith you don't see anymore.

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