a nice surprise II  

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1/16/2006 5:47 pm

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a nice surprise II

dear readers; i hope it's obvious that my "nice surprise" series is wishful wanting... what i'd like to experience with my lover. if she's out there, i'm hoping she will read these and get an idea of how we could pleasure each other.

it was a saturday night. our night. the night we set aside just for us. sometimes we go out on the town... dinner, a movie, or a concert, maybe dancing to a good retro classic rock band. we love dancing to slow r&b. our roaming hands and the sensation of our bodies rubbing against one another are the perfect turn on.
sometimes we stay in. rent movies, or listen to music, open a bottle of fine wine. sometimes we read poetry to each other, talk and reflect about our relationship.
on this night i decided to practice some of my massage therapist skills. while no longer a practicing professional, my lover likes me to use my knowledge to enhance our lovemaking, or just to help her relax.
she was laid back on the sofa, sipping her glass of wine. she was wearing her red silk robe, with the matching bikini panties. i lit her favorite scented candle, put some al green on the stereo. i pulled a chair up, putting her feet on my lap. i had a thick towel folded on my lap, to provide a soft, comfortable footrest. i gently wiped her feet with a cloth and alcohol. then i began to apply a firm but gentle touch to her feet, slowly stretching them and getting her used to my touch. i put some of the warmed massage lotion in the palm of my hand, applying it over her right foot. i kneaded the sole of her lovely foot, using varying pressure. i used different techniques as my hands rubbed, pressed, and stroked. she lets me know how much she appreciates what i'm doing with low, sexy moans. her eyes are closed, and i can tell she's in heaven. i spend about 15 minutes on her right foot alone. then, setting it aside, i take her left foot, starting my routine all over again. she looks sleepy, all the tension released from her shoulders and all throughout her body. upon finishing, i bend over and give each foot a soft kiss. realizing i have an erection, she begins to use her feet to caress the bulge growing in my jeans. i let my hands travel up her legs, sending currents of desire shooting up her legs. she begins to spread them for me, and i kneel before her.
i begin to shower the inside of her thighs with kisses, use the tip of my tongue and slide it from her knee to the wet spot on her panties, teasing the lips of her pussy as i lick up and down the length of her fragrant cunt. she hands reach around my head and pull me in. i pull down he panties and... whoa!
my lover has totally caught me off guard. instead of the velvet soft nest of pussy hair i'm used to taking into my mouth, i find a smooth, clean shaven, glistening wet pussy. i kiss it, gently suck on her pussy lips. i lap up her juices, then realize she's spreading her cunt with her hand, exposing her sweet little clit. i use my lips to suck on it, the tip of my tongue licking and swirling until i can feel it swelling up like a cherry blossom about to burst. her fluids are like a nectar that i can't get enough of as i feel her shiver, her body arching to control the waves of pleasure igniting her entire being. her soft thighs begin to squeeze around my head, holding me firmly in place as i speed up the action with my tongue. her hips ride up to meet my mouth, her moans more intense and getting louder...

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