rm_connor696 60M
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8/1/2005 10:55 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


No deep thoughts today. I'm on vacation, sort of, and spending time reading the blogs has got me all hot and bothered. There are some disturbingly erotic thoughts, scenes, and suggestions here.

So if y'all don't mind, I'm going to lay back on my bed, let the breeze tease my body, and spend a chunk of time enjoying my body.

And in anticipation, allow me to praise the virtues of hands. Of all the phyically working body, they are the most intelligent, the cleverest, the most versatile. I melt when I'm kissing a woman, pausing for a moment so that we us can let each other see the desire shining in our eyes, and she reaches down and takes ahold of me, her fingers gently but firmly wrapping around the shaft . .

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

8/1/2005 6:53 pm

First thing I always want to see of a man ... are his hands. You can tell alot about a person by their hands. How about a photo of yours?


rm_rsp54 58F
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8/2/2005 4:16 am

Hands..mmmm. I think that the value of hands is discounted, especially in a sexual sense.Probably nine tenths(no probably more) of my sexual pleasure would not have happened without my hands.

And the lovely sound of a bare hand gently slapping a lovely bottom,(mine, or my partners for that matter) is a very erotic sound to me.

And the electric sensations when your potential lover touches you for the first time, whether it be on the hand face, neck or elsewhere.I guess I'm just in it for the entire erotic package.

Goldenhairgodess 63F
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8/8/2005 10:20 pm

I agree with both of you DirtyLilSecret and rsp64;
There is hardly anything nicer then hands that can be in the right place at the right time. And the importance for a man to keep his hands and nails clean and smooth cannot be under-rated. There is nothing worse in tender places then calluses and hang nails. Ouch!

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