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rm_cohonan81 35M
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3/26/2006 9:48 pm
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This has a bit of a backstory to it, so bear with me. Earlier today, I was talking to a girl I knew in Wyoming before I moved her and had come out to as bisexual. She at first was okay with it, but then wasn't and we aren't nearly as close as we one were. In fact she's quite mean to me as you'll soon notice.

Well I had a March Madness argument with her the other day and totally won the argument so clearly that I deleted her screan name and posted it on myspace. Today she found out and IM'd me this cruel gem.

"you're a fag for putting up our convo on myspace, that's pretty fucked up"

and a couple others like,

"UCLA still sucks dick just like you"

She didn't hurt my feelings one bit, in fact I kind of got turned on. My dick still kind of stiffens up re-reading those messages, I only wish she had kept it up. In fact I tried goading her into it by sending my last AdultFriendFinder post along with my cock photo. She is so not comfortable with homosexuality.

But alas I didn't hear anything back from her at all. How weird is that?

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