it made my hole weak!!!!!!  

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11/19/2005 10:19 pm

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it made my hole weak!!!!!!

Yeah yeah, my computer is back up, and I have had an amusing week. After the disastrous sex on Monday, I did it with a different guy on Wednesday. And understand, I've been sleeping with "boytoy" for two years, and I'll tell ya what...this other guy..well, let's just say that it's amazing what you forget about sex...that it can be fun, that it is fun, that laughing and teasing are a huge part of it....Holy Crap!! I'd forgotten how much I didn't remember! It was like riding a roller coaster, while winning money and giving your mom the finger. I didn't really set out to sleep with him, but like once you get do you stop? When you really don't want toto stop? I have a huge problem with impulse control. I'm not big on self control either. So. That's that. Except for this footnote, that I slept With boy toy again on Friday/Sat. am. And it was so much better, because of the stuff I did on Wednesday...It made me bring fun into our fucking...and it was kooky, wild and fun. So, even if I never hear from guy #2 again, which I doubt I will, it was worth it, because it made me a better lover. That sounds so gay. Let's leave it that I had a good week, and this is the most sex I have ever had in one week. I feel so good about it too!I should be a full fledged slut in no time! Oh, I made a mistake if you are reading. You are number five. I forgot a one night stand back in 2002. So, you are number 5, shatzi! In other news, I have not caught any new cave crickets, but I did get to wash my comforter, but now I have to wash the other one!!!


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