The day I saw my Dad cry...  

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12/9/2005 12:09 am

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The day I saw my Dad cry...

..was this day, 25 years ago. Getting ready for Holy Name, with my brothers and sister, and listening to WNEW, and the DJ saying that John Lennon was dead. It was a very rainy, cold day. The man on the radio said to drive with your headlights on in rememberance, but we all had our headlights on because of the storm.

It was just a very sad day in our house, and I think we almost didn't go to school. My father was not of the age group of most of the other Dads, he was older, and never would be confused with the Woodstock Generation.

I asked him once why he didn't go to Woodstock, being that we lived in NY and all, and he, just being fed up with everything, as dads get, explained;"What the hell? I was married and had two of you kids by then. I had a job! I had a family! What the hell did you want me to do?"...
Forget it, Dad.

Sorry I asked .

But that day, the day John Lennon was killed, my Da put on Double Fantasy, listened to "Beautiful Boy", and cried.


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