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12/13/2005 9:29 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm haunts me

What a pisser, I gotta lug the laundry across town, clean it, dry it, and bring it back to my apartment. Oh, and I have to take a stress test today..did I mention that I've got a disease?



12/13/2005 1:57 pm

Hey Cockme, (or in this case Dear Laundry Abbey)

I seem to have a lint problem. I think I've traced it to the fact that I use a lot of rags for artistic porpoises (cetacean misspelling intentional) and if I include them and my tattered towels into my laundry all my other laundry ends up with a mssive coat of lint on it.

My antidote for this has been to wash all tattered towels and rgs separate from the rest and then to run the whole washing machine through a rinse cycle after this and to double check the washer by wiping the insides clean with a brand new "shop rag". "Shop rags" are half paper towel, half polyehtylene fiber (tyvek).

Anyways for the most part this strategy has worked pretty well but despite practicing it I still sometimes end up with lint laden laundry.

How can I prevent this 100% of the time?


A lost mama's boy.

PS. What kinda disease do you got?

PS2. I don't got no dryer so I always hang dry things out on the line. Can be interesting once the cold weather really sets in.

PS3. How that "blowing off guys that you are attracted to" strategy been working for you lately.


rm_cockmerollme 45F
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12/13/2005 8:47 pm

#1- I have a massive headache in my eye, so go easy...and, I haven't yet figured out how to space effectively. So, I can't do the list thing. Bear with me, yo. #2-Why can't you use a shammie? And take them to the laundry mat, for Christ's sake. Try to use towels that are already pre-cut, or can you get away with old pillowcases or t shirts? Washcloths? Maxi-pads? #3-Non fatal, non communicative, very depressing..makes me feel old and stupid at the same goddamn time. #4-Ok, if you are going to try and dry them outside(which is Bat-shit crazy), use the TINIEST bit of fabric softener, not too much, because it cuts the absorbancy in half. That goes for your regular towels as well, bud. #5--do you think that I would be typing this now if I could get the fucker I have a crush on to just fold already? So, yeah, I guess not good. I have been wearing sluttier clothes, making myself pretty and been drop-dead funny at work. Nothing. But, this is the guy, I just know it. Even though he is from Texas and a Bob Dylan fan (excuse me while I barf...oop...ack....) I just know that I could be very good to him, in a wife kinda way. He makes me want to be domestic and .......get a dog, buy ajax, pretend I'm a visit ....his..... mom....I think.......



12/14/2005 12:05 am

Cockme wrote....

#5--do you think that I would be typing this now if I could get the fucker I have a crush on to just fold already? So, yeah, I guess not good.

I have been

1. wearing sluttier clothes
2. making myself pretty
3. drop-dead funny at work

Wow. So that explains what your disease is.

All of these things would definitely be working on me.

You certain that guy ain't gay?

Hey Bob Dylan isn't as bad as it could be. I mean if he's from Texas there would be some grave danger that he might actually like country music. He'd really have to be something too special and Godlike for you put up with that.

Dylan is more of an acquired taste whereas the liking of country music is much closer to a true malfunctioning of the eardrum.

But I do acknowledge that I could, in very rare circumstances, be coerced into tolerating it to a small degree.

It is one of the CIA's secret torture weapons you know! It's the one thing they know they can sneak by the Geneva Convention.

But I must stop now before I get too annoyingly political.

Anyways thanks for the laundry tips and good luck getting airborne with Mr. Wright.



rm_oneeyedbob2 52M

12/21/2005 10:10 pm

hey babe, since your my funny face bring your laundry to me i will wash it for you during the day and fold it before you get home. aw and have dinner ready for you when you arrive home. maybe even massage your pretty feet and shoulders. but i have to kiss the nap of your neck to send that chill down your spine first. maybe meet you at the door with a huge hug and sweet kiss on those great soft lips. anyway im your laundry man i have a set right here in my house.

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