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11/26/2005 11:07 pm

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If you

Herein lies the problem with my love life.
Not to be confused with my sex life. That's relatively OK right now. It's when I fall in love that all hell breaks loose.

8th grade level, where when you like a boy, you beat him up or make him food. These are my best ideas, people. I ask out guys for time to time, ones I really like,and I don't want to do anything but see how they perform in a batting cage.

It's not that I cannot have adult conversation, I can. No problem. But, as things progress, I start to spaz out.

See, OK, I'm not explaining myself that well, sleeping with someone you don't love is so easy, you can basically say or do anything, even weird stuff, and they ain't leaving until you invite them to do so.

But when you love some guy...for me?....that's like death.

You hide from him, punch him,try to be in the back when he clocks out so you can accidentally run into him and make him walk you to the car...and I know immediately when I love a guy.

It just hits you, and you know you want to be with him in the next 5, 10, 28 years. And you'll figure it out as you go along.

And you defiantly do not put out on the first date. Fuck all y'all...that's how the game is played. A guy you want to marry? You wait a few dates before surrendering the goods.

I hate to dispute all feminists out there, but I got two brothers, tons of cousins, and about two dozen guy friends, and with the exception of Carlos(who is gay) they all tell me that for a girl they really like, or love...they won't even push the sex issue for a few dates.

I just can't get over that he doesn't want to date me!! Me!!

But I swear, if I could just get him to listen to a mixed tape of mine....I just know he'd love me the same way and amount that I love him.


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