I've been waiting....  

rm_cockmerollme 45F
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2/8/2006 1:06 am

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I've been waiting....

When you said to me

You are not so old

Did I know it then

Cause I had just been told

You know, I didn't think I'd find you
Perfect in so many ways
And I've been waiting...
And I want to
have you

Matthew Sweet

Off the "Girlfriend" Album.

Bought the tape today, and this song made tears
just run down my fat face.

I'm so in love with him, and I'm so scared I'll






2/8/2006 8:34 am

I know the exact feeling.

Much easier said than done in this situation but do your best not to get hung up wrrying about little things concerning th whole deal.

If you get obsesive in that way you can all too easily cause these tiny little obsessive concerns to actually grow into full blown self fulfilling prophecies that then take on a horrible little (or humungous) life of their own. And they are indeeed you mental hatchling nurtured into growing simply by the mental energy that you gave them

SO don't do that and if you notice a reflexe mental tendencey towards it sqush it before it grows any further.

Also try to be somewhat aware if your own expectations about stuff might be affecting him. And somtimes trying to stip your own exp[ections down to a bare minimum can be a very healthy excercise in this early and beginning phase.

It would be good if someone that also knew him well were counselling him tyo also do exactly this for yor sake.

Those pesky expectations that each party unspokenly brings to the table in this ritual can realy some phantom and completely unexpected powder kegs during this fragile formation stage.

Exaggerated examples from both sexes perspectives.

I would bank a big wadd of cold cash that you would not be the type to selfishly dump the whole marriage bomb on the guy right at this early point but believe me it does happen a lot. And if you want to realese within him the potentially highest stress levels that might serve to really mess the whole scene up as bad as possible right at this moment then dropping a big marriage discssion on him now might be a really quick way to achieve that.

Of course guys do their own version of producing these same types of efect in girls. ALmost never with any clue that it was even them at all that cuased it. I think a guys concern anout his own financial capacities is maybe a good e and quite common example. And his worrys about money can come directly from believing he must take the lions share of the costs of the dating itself. Here's where it gets paradoxical and convoluted. If the girl senses him stressing over money she then might tend to then start pressuring herself about a wholoe range of very perwonal stuff that can be quite ego defloating for her as well.

I would still need to collaborate some of my female friends with this idea to do a better job of this because I really need an interactve girl present to nail the issues a bit straigher and streamline the descriptions better.

But you probably get my point about how if both parties minimize or deemphasize their own respective expectations about the relationship in general it can have a very helpful effect as far as creating a comfortahle and unpressured situation where things can grow and develop more naturally and organcaly than if the prewssures of too many expections force it to bend and contort into many sordid and ugly shapes and forms.

The dynamic of how these things can effect the flow of things in a newly budding relationship can be very odd indeed and even a small smidge of them present can quickly and easily get you into baffling and uncomfortable "Twighlight Zone" type situations.


1) that it's nealry always these overemphasized expectations which trigger the pressure within the other.
2) usually the pressures felt were not at all intended by the the other who's onw expectations triggerd them
3) May be haqppening for both parties simultaneous but each having a differing expectaiton of the other wich trigger the unwanted pressures
4) both can easily remain totally clueless as to the real dynamic of how this is working

The common mistake in this is for both partners to simploy think it's the other ones problem without seeing how they are actually playing an equal role in it. In many of these ridiculous stalemates the easiest solution is truly for each party to simulatneously shoot the other and to take a new incarnation.

I'm almost serious about that.

tricky shit if it's allowed to develop to any degree but heading it off at the pass so it doesn't even happen in the first place is really where it's at.

Sorry for this overly analytical and strtaight up ridiculous attempt to play the mythic role of Joe Relationship Psychologist


rm_cockmerollme 45F
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2/8/2006 8:28 pm

Im going to have to read this several times..I can't think right now.....


ticktock500 43M

2/8/2006 8:56 pm

turn that frown upside down
(sorry-ima goof)
(title track)
I want to love somebody
I hear you need somebody to love
Oh I want to love somebody
I hear you're looking
for somebody to love
'Cause you need to be back
in the arms of a good friend
and I need to be back
in the arms of a girlfriend
I didn't know nobody
and then I saw you coming my way
Oh I didn't know nobody
and then I saw you coming my way
Don't you need to be back
in the arms of a good friend?
Oh 'cause honey believe me
I'd sure love to call you
my girlfriend
Don't you need to be back
in the arms of a good friend?
Oh 'cause honey believe me
I'd sure love to call you
my girlfriend
'Cause you
got a good thing going baby
You only need somebody to love
Oh you got a good thing going
You're only looking
for someone to love
'Cause you need to get back
in the arms of a good friend
And I'm never gonna set you free
No I'm never gonna set you free

pickthisguy11 36M
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2/8/2006 9:27 pm

No fair, KC JJ stle my comment...

Wait, did you say 'bought the tape today'?
Oh I get it, this site is taking so long to update the blogs you actually wrote this in 1984. Am I right?

rm_cockmerollme 45F
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2/8/2006 11:27 pm


I love tapes. They are very hard to find, and I know where I found each and everyone of them (over 300)

Besides, a lot of the music I am looking for JUST HAPPENS to be from 1984,85,86,87,ect....and out of print.

And my car takes tapes...so, it all makes sense to me. And that is all that matters, right?

Where else am I going to listen to Big Audio Dynamite and Trio?


rm_cockmerollme 45F
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2/8/2006 11:28 pm

Thank you, 500.

I'm so trying to not make this tailspin me out...


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