Ass-tastic times in 2006!  

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1/6/2006 11:14 pm

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Ass-tastic times in 2006!

Well, I took part in an unorganized sporting event this evening, and wound up on my fat ass more than I blocked or played offense. My A game was just not there, and I am sooo disappointed with myself. That's really not like me to not give 110%. Bad job, but all I can do is make sure I do much better next time, yo.But the bullhorn, or Power horn, as they call it, was a hit! I'd like to just use it all the time. It plays songs, too! Wild stuff. Well, I am easily amused. I'm not really super competitive unless we're talking about Scrabble, Othello, Uno, Volleyball, Softball, Drunken Midnight tennis, bowling, badminton(I lettered in it in High School, thank you) Basketball, Brownie cook off, Tuna salad cook off(well, one doesn't really cook Bumble Bee, get the gist)...OH MY GOD!! They are using a Clash song to promote that fucking stupid Heather Graham show on ABC. That's it..angry letter time...where was I? Oh, why my ass hurts...yeah, just a poor performance phoned in. Thank God I got laid last night, take the pressure of...oh, wait! Maybe I should have withheld! Never fuck before a fight, isn't that what they say? But I am so weak.

So, resolution ...yeah, not so good..being more organized? Looking behind me, I see nothing but mess. Just every flat surface in my house had stuff on it. I need to live more simply, get rid of all this crap, just go naked, and enough with the candles, already!! I keep buying books I can't possibly read, i need like a week off of work, and just lock myself in here to clean and masturbate. Well, I didn't want to leave the Beav out, you know. She'll never forgive me.

I'm trying not to worry about a kid from work who is headed for Paris Island in three days. Such a good, funny, talented kid, that needed money for college. What ever the reason, I just want him to come home safe. Sigh. This war is a tremendous waste of good cock.


jlooking540 45M

1/7/2006 8:36 pm

Hey, think about all the extra time and energy you'd have for cleaning and sports, etc, if someone would put you in chastity belt so you couldn't be touched - even by yourself. How long do you think that would take to drive you to distraction?

I mean, I'm just curious. No reason for asking really. Nope, no reason at all! Hey, gotta go, I think the UPS man is here!

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