"..watch the wall with the rocks..."  

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12/13/2005 9:00 pm

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"..watch the wall with the rocks..."

How bad is it that I make fun of ...Italians? Especially this time of year. At home, our neighboors used to get all kinds of tacky and light up the whole fucking block. No kidding, like life size nativity sceens, and just....all kinds of nonsense. What else? A white Camaro with the neon plate frame, blasting TKA or Timmy T. Thick gold chains, enough colonge that it smells like he did a butt douche with Drakkar. Z-Cavaricci's, sweaters with leather on them...hey, if you have a Chess King in your mall, you have guidos in your midst. I'll take pictures of them when I go home for the Holidays, and...well, someone will have to help me post them. I am a technical moron.



12/14/2005 4:57 pm

Yes I remember Drakkar Noir well.

I once bought a bottle once and used it quite sparingly but yet another time I was packing some in a small tester ampoule in my pocket.

I was with a new girlfriend who was a dead ringer for a mid pubescent version Anna Nicole Smith (not really my type but I tolerated her anyway despite this flaw). We were eating in a restaurant and two "mediterranean" looking guys came in.

A wall of what seemed to be a fog of pure Drakkar Noir odor soon enshrouded us.

This sickly aroma now stayed with us throughout the remainder of our meal. And to our shock and surprise it followed us even when we left the place.

As it turns out it was ME!!! That tested ampoule had broken open in my pocket and had fully soaked into my pants.

Boy did I feel stupid!



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