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2/15/2006 5:46 pm

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So there I am, hunched over my cart at Costco waiting in line. The line is moving REAL slow, some kind of mix up with prices and coupons or something going on...

An average looking woman, maybe 50 years old steps in line behind. When I say behind, I'm talking about 6-12" directly behind me but to my left, looking over my left shoulder. Theres all kinds of room here mind you but she seems to be comfortable there - ok whatever. I give a couple half glances to hint I don't like her there, but don't think much of it.

Line has barely moved - she breaks out the cell phone and attempts to use the voice dialer. After 4 or 5 failed attempts it works and she starts talking - all while remaining directly over my shoulder. The line takes a step or two forward and she bumps into me when we stop! Not softly either - like she was walking down the street or something. And just keeps talking on the phone about nothing really, the conversation coulda waited 5 minutes.

Line moves a little more and we stop again. I go to reach for my wallet on my right side and hit her square in the upper stomach. I say "excuse me" and turn around and shes still talking on the phone just looking at me. MY stuff was canned dog food so it stayed in the cart as I moved it to the cashier side of the belt and I moved up in line.

The lady has 3 rolls of ribbon and bumps me again because she NEEDS to put them on the belt. I look at her ticked off now and she doesnt even look at me! Wemove up a little and I grab a divider and put it on the belt to indicate there is an order there (mines in the cart). The lady had reached at the same time I did but I was closer and started sooner so she pulled back - I guess thinking I was getting one for her. I set it down onthe belt so she reached for another but couldnt make it cuz I was standing there. I stepped back but she started waving her fingers and wrist at it and said "get that for me", still talking on the phone. I said "no get it yourself". So she does and starts talking on the phone, telling the person she's talking to I'm causing drama and acting like a tough guy!! Out loud like I'm not even there.

I wanna shout her down but I just swallow it and start to move up for my turn and she bumps me again!!! I looked and said "lady you need to back off". She looked down and I was done and walked away with my stuff.

Now - the tough part for me to accept is the fact that she didn't do any of this intentionally. She's just inconsiderate, rude and completely unaware of her surroundings. She kept bumping me simply because she was standing very close and not paying attention - while talking on the phone in my ear.

If she knew what she was doing I could maybe try to rationalize the behavior - but the fact that I would've had to explain everything she did to her first, before shouting her down is really frustrating.

Thank you - good night now.

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