The Swimming Pool - p1  

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1/30/2006 11:49 am

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The Swimming Pool - p1

Some fact and some fantasy…

I’m excited about today. It’s supposed to be in the low 90’s today and we are going to the pool! I finally get to see you in that bathing suit I bought you last week, I can’t wait.

I meet you at the pool like we planned and we go inside. As we walk in I ask you if you are wearing the bikini bought you and you giggle. It’s still fairly early so we get good chairs and put ‘em where we want ‘em. We spread out our towels on the chairs and get a good angle for the sun and I strip off my top and kick off my flip-flops. I peak threw all of that disguise/distraction to watch you strip off your top ‒ YES! You’re wearing the yellow bikini I have been dying to see you in. I hide my excitement as we settle onto our respective chairs, watching you arch your back as you knowingly tease me while laying down on your stomach.

It’s still pretty early I guess because there’s really only a few other folks here at the moment. I get up to go for a swim and cool off, and you follow soon after. As you walk over towards the pool I’m staring at you, and getting a little excited as you dip your big-toe in the water. That yellow bikini looks incredible against your tan skin and I smile to myself because I had your size just right, which is why I bought it a size small! You don’t notice or you don’t care, but you do look good. I have enough with the teasing and splash you a bit, which gets you to dive right in after me.

We play and splash and mess around on the diving-board for a bit before a group of older boys shows up for some serious can-openers and cannonballs off the diving boards. So we move off to a corner by ourselves. I’m constantly swimming underwater because I love the way the bikini turns see through when wet…which you haven’t realized yet! Since you’re shaved there’s not a lot to see, but its fun nonetheless!

Finally I pin you in the corner and press you up against the tile. I can feel your nipples on my chest, and they are hard like mine. I wonder to myself; is it the water or are you as hot as I am? Maybe it’s the way the boys were looking at you when we left the boards and walked down to the far end and dove in…

We are playing and talking and kissing in the corner when I kiss you hard and stretch-out my foot to the bottom. We keep talking and laughing, but were clearly getting turned on beyond control. Without thinking I reach underneath and cup your underside, both to support you in the water and to touch and please you. I rub that magnificent mound underwater through the fabric, and you moan as I slide my fingers over your clit. I slyly push aside your bikini bottoms, pressing my palm against your clit as I find your moist center with my finger and slowly wiggle my way in.

You moan softly and close your eyes and I swear you were gonna reach up and start twisting your nipples like you always do! But I eased the pressure and told you to relax. If you could control yourself I’d fuck you right here right now…

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1/30/2006 8:41 pm

Sorry Katey - better not read p2then...

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