5 minutes of misery  

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1/18/2006 5:10 pm

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5 minutes of misery

Graphic detail coming - be warned (<-- totally unnecessary, yet needed nonetheless)

So I walk into the lunch room this morning at about 6:40 am - just a couple of us in and noone on my side of the building. I pour some water into a cup and walk towards the far end of the lunch room, taking a drink of the water as I go.

Here's where the fun starts; As the water approached my lips, it shocked my upper lip! I choked on the gulp and it went down the wrong pipe...I had to either swallow while coughing/hacking or spit it on the floor 'cuz I was too far from the sink by now. I chose to swallow, coughed at the same time and it came out my nose! SO I still got it on the floor - the hard way.

Now I'm coughing and hacking and trying to recover...the other guy down the hall has to hear me and wonder what's going on...I walk back towards my desk, water in hand. As I get nearer to my desk I'm still coughing when I dislodge a small piece of food deep in my throat, from the breakfast I had been eating which is why I needed water in the first place. So I cough again a couple times and can't clear it - I start to gag.
I try once more, can't clear it and start to lose my cookies. I hold back the first big urge, still coughing, and grab my trash can and let it fly, barely making it in the can.

I sat down in my chair with tears in my eyes, still coughing a little..I was spent. I was splayed out in the chair like I just f**ked for 16 hours straight. But I was laughing at the same time because A) what had just happened was absolutely absurd! Noone was around to witness it so I got off scot-free!

But it was so pathetic and funny I thought I would share it here...and the good thing about all this happening first thing in the morning is; my day got much better after that.

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