slowly coming down off the buzz  

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12/28/2005 7:11 am

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slowly coming down off the buzz

Yup thats right slowlwy coming down off the Christmas buzz. You know the high Christmas time brings when you unfailingly to find the perfect present for your loved ones that makes them smile that smile you fell in love with. Warming your heart with the hope that they will love it. Knowing that they say that you don't have to get them anything and you try all the harder.

The anticipation in your children,if you are lucky enough to have them, waiting for the day. Wide eyed in wonder of all the displays in the stores. The way that any toy commercial comes on the T.V. and you here oooooohhhhh thats cool or I would love that. The Christmas carrols they sing with joy. Yes even the Christmas shows at school even though theres a million things you'd rather do before but once they're up there on stage in that cramped cafeteria you look up and see them up there and that nervous look in they're eye the scratching of the arm the finger in the hair twirling it. The way they stand there looking out into the crowd trying to find you the look on there face when the finally see you.

Your wanting to know what your loved one got for you. Dying to know but not really wanting to.
the jokes of walking into the closet calling out PEEKING to your loved one in the other room they call back NO PEEKING.

Yes Christmas time for me is like a high not one you can find in any drug or drink but the kind you find in your heart and soul. It gives you a warm feeling that no pill can give you.

Christmas morning is like the peek of the high the knocks on the door at 5 A.M. Hereing amazed voices calling through mom dad get up... Santa came! You calling back na-aa with a smile they call back he did really you get out of bed a little grumbley but with a quickness in your step.
you walk out there the children have turned the tree lights on. The way there eyes twinkle as they start to reach for there presents. Presents get handed around smiles on all as we start to open all hoping that the gifts they got for each other are the perfect thing.

Even the dinner preperation that starts right after the final present is unwrapped is part of the high for me you see we are lucky enough to have our family pretty close and they all come to our house for Christmas dinner and I know they are bringing thins as well what could it be??

When they get there the smiles given to those family members that haven't been seen in a while. The exchange of gifts once more. The wrapping paper all throghout the house. The conversation as we file into the dining room to eat. The turkey and ham. All the different kinds of delicious sides. The way we always seem to fill our plates a little to full.

Then after that you go to bed knowing that you got just the right things. For everyone and if you didn't it didn't really matter after all for they still love you just the same. Yes Christmas time is a high for me one that no drink or drug could ever give me and for that I am greatful and hope that all of ya'll out there in blog land had a wonderful Christams and have a happy joyful New Year.

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