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11/30/2005 7:22 am

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Hello again to all. Well winter has finally started to show its head here in north Texas. The winds are almost constantly blowing out of the north west as front after front of cooler air assaults us from our bordering country to the north and with that the tree leaves are getting blown off trees and your neighbors stuff three counties over is blowing up into our front yard. LOL. Not really but close. The wind was blowing so hard the other day that it took all the dirt and clay from lubbock wich is in the pan handle and blew it into the air into a big dust cloud. As wind and dirt came south east or this way it encountered a rainstorm wich turned the dirt in the air into mud. Yes it actually rained mud here in north texas. Check the papers if you don't believe me. The next day we went out our cars were covered in it. It was really strange waking up with mud all over our vehicles. It was a pain cleaning off our windows not just windshield but all windows. Oh well it wasn't the first time and prob. won't be the last. Things are going okay for us. Still going away on this sight trying to meet that certain fanasy come true maker. We're sure your out there somewhere. Its just a matter of finding you among all the interesting profiles on here.
Now on to the people that are redoing the pipeline through are yard. The crews are making astounding progress they are still about a mile from our house. They did level some of our ground were pipeline is going to be going through yesterday. It looks like they are gonna put the pipe all together first then put the pipe in the ground so it'll prob be a long while before they get it all done the pipeline that they are replacing is about a mile and a half long. It is also a 3 ft. wide pipline so it is big and heavy as well. I think they are going like six or eight feet deep also. Wich is excellent because my wife can't wait, as I've said before for them to get closer so she can go looking for fossils. Hopefully she'll find something cool since there are alot of fossils here just laying on the ground. Well thats all for now nothing else new going on hope ya'll have a great time out there.

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12/4/2005 11:52 am

glad things are good we would agree its getting cold hope they finish laying the pipeline soon

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