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11/16/2005 10:10 am

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We have been on this sight for a while now and have had some good results and bad results and have met and chatted with some really nice people and today I made a bigger comitment to this sight by starting a blog about our life and hopefully it will get us to meet more people and make friends. I'd like to start by saying we joined this sight to make our fantasies come true, just like other people on this sight. Today in north texas it is cold out at least the wind isn't blowing at 30 mile an hour sustained winds like yesterday. Our rabbits are probably happy about that since they are outside but yesterday afternoon I made a temporary wind block for them so they wouldn't freeze to death out there last night. also I tried to light a small fire in our clay oven, that we have been costructing over the last 2 weeks, but the wind was to high and these drought conditions in our area have gotten county officials to institute a burn ban so didn't wanna get a ticket, heard they're pretty high, so I let it burn out soon after it started. So the clay on the inside will have to dry on its own or wait for a less windy day. Can't wait for the good bread my wife has promised me though . This Friday I'm kinda worried about. You see about 4 months ago I injured my back at work. I blew out a disc and when I did it took the disc and shoved a nerve that comes off my spinal cord into one of my vertabraes ouch. The pain isn't so bad anymore the first couple of weeks everytime I got up there was pain going down my left leg to knee. Now its just this tightness and can't really lift anything to heavy without discomfort. Or sit one way to long without burning feeling in back.The same as standing. Also sex was outa question for a while but not any longer . Don't know if this has happened to any of ya'll or not but I'm going in Friday to get a steroid injection directly into disc.sounds like a very big OUCH there. I will let ya'll know how it goes when I'm through to let anyone out there know what its like if they're in same boat. Well thats all for now first time for me to have a blog so give me time and have patience.

mygmyg 59M

11/17/2005 7:04 am

Cntrycpl, sorry to hear about your back, it is a very tough thing to endure. I have gone through a similar exoerience, blew out a disc in a fall on a wet floor.
First, the steroid inject is not to bad, they will give you a drip of something to relax your whole body, which will dull the pain of the shot. the shot(s) itself isn't too painfull, especially considering what you've been going through!

As far as the tightness in your back, your body is protecting the area, a protection system to avoid fruther injury, "muscle protection", The muscles tighten to restrict your movements to stop you from doing anything that will cause a flare up. As the day progresses, the immediate area muscles tire and the muscles around these tighten, takeing over the protection/defense. This "domino effect" is ongoing all day, sitting, standing and even lying in bed.

i am sure you've been given the exercises to help strengthen and stetch out these muscles. the stretching is going to relax the tightness somewhat, but there are several things that I have found to aid in further relieving this.

I found that laying on a "pallet of foam, made of NOODLES, Long thin floatation device that kids play with in the poolreally helped to un-knot my back. The nodles are about 2 dollars apiece at walmart, 6 ft long and come in 2 types, round or edged, like a "nut". Get the ridged shaped, you can cut them into about three equal length pieces. I woulnd up buying 7 of these to create the pallet.
enough to go from top of my head to just below butt, and then 2 for under my knees and a 2/3 for my heels. I do my stretching exercises lying on this, and also found that while lying on them and bending my knees and placing feet flat on the floor I could just rock gently back and forth by pushing slightly with my feet, the ridges of the noodles under my upper body act like a massage and relaxed the muscles quite a bit more than just the strtching.
This was wonderful relief from the "tight" feeling I had experienced for such a long time.

Also, I had "gel" packs, called "all-therma packs" that you can heat, in the micro wave, or freeze in the freezer. I would heat up 2 of the packs and lay on them while exercising, the heat really helped to loosen the back up thoroughly, also I would apply some "heat to my back" before doing any of this, I was very tight, and this also helped quite a bit.
For the heat I use just a generic muscle rub, Equate at walmart, it is cheap and after trying them all, generic is as good as any! I apply the heat with the disposable latex painter glove. buy them by the box, of 100, at walsmart, about 4 dollars. I could never get that stuff off my hands, no matter how much I washed! and would wind up rubbing my nose or eyes and feel the heat when touching my face.

Yeah this stuff stinks, I found another product at walmart called "Blue Goo" that heats up nearly as hot as the muscle rub stuff, and doesn't have the menthol smell, and use it during the day when I feel the tightness creeping in, and smelling like a training room would be obtrusive to those around me!

I would do the stretching exercises atleast 3 times a day, sometimes just lying on the pallet and rocking back and forth while watching/listening to TV.

Hope this helps, if noodle desription isn't clear, email through the site and I will reply with Pics of the noodle, or add 48 to my name at hot mail if you don't have mail priveleges!

Good luck!!

rm_cntrycpl101 45M/50F
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11/17/2005 7:26 pm

Thanks for your words of encouragement mygmyg ... Yes I've been through all the stretching excercises at therapy to try and stretch the muscles out the best part was the 15 minutes at the end when they put me on heated pads and something they called Eastham(spelling?). It was kind of like a t.e.n.s. unit but different the therapist told me. I've also been to the nerve specialist and he said there wasn't any nerve damage yet wich is a good thing. I'll take the noodle thing into consideration and there is acouple of Walmarts close by me. Of course living in the far North texas sticks that about all there is to do around here.LOL

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