San Francisco Police Dept.  

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San Francisco Police Dept.

Maybe you out there in blog land can help me out on this one. I've seen on the news over the last couple of days all the comotion over the SFPD christmas video intended to let off some of the stress of one of the most stressfull jobs in the world being a police officer. They used comedy to help wich I believe laughter lightens the heart and makes one feel less stressful. Heres an excerpt the story I got it off the NBC11 website for the towns of San Jose Oakland and San Francisco.

About 20 officers participated in creating or performing in the videos that included inappropriate and outrageous content, according to Mayor Gavin Newsom and Police Chief Heather Fong.

"The content ranges from immature and vulgar to sexist, racist and homophobic," the two said in a joint statement.

The skits, featuring uniformed officers, were intended as a spoof, but the department's brass and the mayor were not amused. The clips making fun of Asians, blacks, women and members of the gay and transgender communities were egregious and despicable, Fong said.

The attorney who represents the officer who made the tape said that is not true.

"They're making fun of themselves ... like Chris Rock, but nobody calls Chris Rock a criminal," the attorney said.

The department's internal affairs division launched an investigation after the video was discovered on an officer's Web site. Mayor Gavin Newsom said the city's Human Rights Commission and the Commission on the Status of Women would also investigate.

"If there are any other tapes out there, I want them immediately," Newsom said.

One officer was suspended Tuesday in connection with the videos, which were removed from the Web site.

"These tapes suggest we have to make some dramatic changes in the San Francisco Police Department," Newsom said.

Newsom said that on Thursday he will announce a Blue Ribbon Task Force to look into the culture at SFPD.

Many of the officers accused of being involved in the production of the tapes are stationed at the Bayview police station. The highest-ranking officer allegedly involved is the captain of that station

What do ou guys think is it something meant in humor and got in the wrong hands or something made in bad taste and the officers need to be suspended or fired? I would like to hear some feedback on this.

Me pesonally I work for a place that does a Christmas spoof video every year as well so maybe I'm not looking at this like someone who has never seen or heard one so I see nothing wrong with it. Should I???

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