Ode to my queen  

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12/15/2005 7:34 am

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Ode to my queen

The days with you give me meaning
and joy beyond belief for days
without you are filled with a
feeling of lonliness wanting
you to be with me by my side

The tale of our love began so
long ago and yet not so long
the years have gone by and yet
it seems like only yesterday
that you walked into my life
through that door and little
did I know what joy you would
bring me the smiles the fun

Your smile is what I strive
for the smile that you make
warms my heart and gives
me a purpose to this cold
world the twinkle your eye
gives off is the most devine

We've been through alot
through the years some good
some bad some sick some
healthy through it together
we have been for this I
thank the gods everyday
that I was lucky to be
granted the knowledge
of your existence

For you are my love my
life my reason for being
the love I for you and you
for me is neverending in its
deepth to my being the
core of my existence revolves
around you my queen the
bringer of light into my time
of darkness the woman who
put a smile on my soul during
a time of darkness

And for that I am eternally
greatfull and yours forever
my queen

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