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1/5/2006 7:13 am

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Hot Tub

Hello fellow bloggers my wife and I have found a new best friends its a hot tub. If y'all don't have one out there I strongly suggests that you get one. Ours isn't all to big but it is a 4 person and that does the trick for us.


The day with its stresses always tensing me up. Making my muscles bind and knot. The 5 o'clock deadlines the day where everything seems to need to be done right then no time to put it off any more. Or no possible way to be put off for the need is now. The pressure builds. The heart rate rises. The grumbling of the people there with you under stress add to your problems. The people above you wanting answers to when it is going to be done. The grumblings of the people below you as you finally get the task at hand done 5 o'clock rolls around leaving you tight bound with twisted muscles lower back cramping the heat outside has your temperature at 100 degrees if checked on the thermometer. You hobble out to the car in that twisted form that just 8 short hours ago was walking straight and tall.

You get in the car heading home with a smile on your face knowing that you have a secret weapon for this daily battle of the stresses set out to destroy you. This secret weapon the hot tub for who invented this grand thing should be nominated to Sainthood if hasn't been already. I feel that I have been a fool to wait 34 years before I found out of Its majestical grandness.

I pull the car into the driveway. Get out with a smile on my face. Already I'm starting to take off my clothes. Sorry neighbors its a good thing they aren't any to close out here in the country. My twisted form hobbles towards the hot tub shirtless and takes the cover off check the temp on the yellow ducky floating around in there. Its at 108 degrees. Perfect I say to myself with a smile.

My wife is waiting at back door as I walk inside beer in one hand and shorts in the other. She hands them to me I pop the top to the beer as she goes down to her knees to help me into my shorts. They're not going to be on long though. Just long enough to walk out back door and get into the tub. The neighbors out here are a good ways away but not far enough that they can't see us.

As I slowly sink into the hot tub my dear wife reaches over and adjusts the air jet control and turns the air flow up and the jets kick on shooting out a relentless flow of heat and bubbles to my sore body that just makes me seem to melt me away and I become one with the water. totally enjoying this I take a drink of my beer look at my wife and smile out a content moan. I think of my coworkers and how all day long they were saying that they needed a beer and that they can't wait for the end of the day so they could get one. If they only new the enjoyment that I was getting out of this they would have added to there list of wants. Yes this feeling is magnificent grand marvelous and any other wonderful descriptive words you can think of to add.


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