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The bodies three of us so entwined in the pleasure the sounds the sights. We start off slowly touching caressing the feelings of arousal so pure so real. You can smell the want and need for release wanting to hold back but the sight before you is a little to much sensory overload. The noises the women make as they rub and taste every inch of each others body. The feelings of 2 sets of hands pleasing you. Two mouths pleasing you while pleasing each other as you look down the ecstasy of the view revs your heart up and causes you to moan in pleasure never felt before.

Knowing that this is the moment the here the now that you have waited your whole life for. Well maybe not your entire life lets just say your adult life. The rising pleasure causes you to moan out load again this draws a sexy giggle from the girls still wrapped around each other and you. The unfolding eroticism plays out before you in slow motion. The tongues the hands the sweet caresses have helped you reach a heightened state of being you feel each cell of your body tingle and become alive. Your body screaming for release now unable to control your self anymore slowly the turning the touching the tasting the different scenes play out in your mind like on the movie screen. The wicked grins smiled from them to you and you to them this is the here and now your perception of the world falls away and all that is is you this bed the two women set to eagerly please you and each other and you them. The burning desire rises higher and higher until the touching and caressing reaches a more quickened pace. The noises of pleasure loud and uncaring of who or what can hear you now. You feel the pressure rising from deep within you way down in your soul. Rising up until you can no longer hold back and you scream out in ecstasy as your orgasm takes you to an even higher state of pleasure then before. Now knowing that you have found extreme pleasure the three of you settle down together in a position on the bed where each are comfortable in each others arms breathing returning to normal. Heart rates going down to less alarming numbers the tingle from before slowly going away as you fall towards a deep relaxed state of body and mind listening to each others breathing you doze off hearing the moans starting to fade from the women as they come down from there orgasms next to you and they fall asleep as you soon do in pure ecstasy

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