Safeway 2am  

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4/13/2006 11:07 am

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Safeway 2am

Damn.......the dream machine hit again......You will never look at grocery shopping the same way again....

It was about 2am I was just getting off from work and I had to get some milk and other things for the house..and I didn't wan to do it during the on my way home from work I stopped in at Safeway... I pulled into the parking lot....only a few cars were must have been a summer day because I was not wearing a jacket..

I get out of my pick-up and walk into the store..there was the cashier.....sitting and reading his papperback.......he didn't even look up at me when I came into the one else was in site..the store was huge and empty.....I grab a cart and start my shopping....My cart was silent for a change, I didn't have a creaking, squeaking tennis showes didn't make a sound on the recently waxed floors. I felt a bit spooked.being there all alone, but I didn't know what being freaked out realy meant until I turned a corner and found myself in the produce department..

I wasn't the only human life form in the place after all.. There was a leggy brunette in her early 30's her loose skirt hiked up to show the Celtic rings that had been tattooed on her bare right butt cheek. I love tats, and the ass in question was so taut and curvaceous that it deserved a little decoration.I continued on, starring for a minute, as I tried to regester exactly what reason she had for hiking her skirt up that far. It was mostly tangeled around her waist, so that when I leaned to the side, I could see the curls of her fury brown bush....

She sighed, a soft sound barely over the hum of the big refrigeration units and the hiss of a bad fluorescent light tube.I told myself that I can't possiably be seeing what I think I was seeing.But guess what..I was..The girl had a giant green cucumber sticking halfway out of her cunt.It kept sliding out, its surface slick with wax and also with the brunette's lavish pussy juices, but she kept pressing it back inside and twisting to force it to stay put.

"Miss," I said, my voice trembling. This was a public place after all. What was the matter with the girl? She was way too beautiful to deserve to get into some kind of trouble.

"I know you are there," she said, her own tone perfectly calm."I can see your reflection in all these stainless steel counters. If I didn't want you to see me, you would have never would have had a clue."

To prove it, she swept her skirt down silently in one swift motion. It came down swirling to the middel of her shaply calfs. Because it was so loose, you couldn't tell that she had a cucumber stuck up her cunt or that sh didn't even bother to wear panties that night.....if she wanted to she could be "decent" just that fast...Apparently, she simply didn't want to.
I forgot about the chill of the overdone air conditioning..The brunette smiling bunched her skirt back up above her waist. Turning to face me dead on, she looked me squarly in the eyes while rotating the end of the cucumber inside her plump pink pussy lips. That matted brown fur of her pussy bush lifted and seperated at her slit, allowing the thumb sized swelling of her clit to poke out. I have never seen a clit that big. She touched it with the pad of her thumb while continuing to work the cucumber in and out of her luscious depths.

My balls ached. My cock jumped to attenting,saluting he so hard that is was tugging down my fly zipper from the inside out. She dropped her gaze to the level of my bulge and very delibertly licked her lips. Either she wore no lipstick or she had already licked it all off.She didn't need it. Her face was younge and smooth, as unlined as a cover girl's. She was a genuine beauty, and yet I didn't realy care that much about what she had above the neck. I was far more fascinated by her squirming, cucumber-swallowing cunt.

"Come suck me " she wispered.

I stumbeled forward and knelt in front of her, trembeling again. The hair on the back of my arms stood uup. It wasn't the grocery store chill, but the fact of being face to face with the single most indecent pair of pussy lips I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I have taken up alot of hobbies before but supermarket sex wasn't one of them. I tried to remember the last time I'd gotten it on in a place where there was any risk of being observed.and I couldn't even think strait now....

Since her cunt hole seemed more then filled at the time for the moment by the cucumber, I turned my attention to licking and sucking on that overgrown clit.. It shifted between my lips like a creature with a mind of its own. I swear I could feel its pulse beat. Pucking my mouth into a tiny O, I captured it tightly and becang to suckle it hard. Her hips bucked prettily against my face, making a soft slapping sound. She began to sigh again.

"Oooooh," she moaned. "Yessss, lover, yeeeesss" Her next jerk was more intence then all the rest put together. Her entire lower body twitched, and then I felt her clitoris explode into thunderous ripplings that sent shimmery tingles of pleasure down my tongue and into my very throat. At the same moment her cunt contracted so wickedly that it spat the cucumber noisily out of her hole and caused it to go spinning across the clean floor.

"Jesus" I wispered, awed at the intensity of her spasms.

"You have a nice mouth on you" she said..

Neither of us bothered to pick up the cucumber. Instead I slicked the nice mouth in question down to her cunthole. Her ooze tasted more like oyster than cucumber, but that is OK. I dribbeled my tongue playfully in and out of her still trembeling love canal, and her hips curved themselves tautly against my face. I could smell and taste nothing but her. It didn't matter. She would watch out for me. If anyone was coming, she could just push me away and drop the skirt down over the evidence.

That is, unless she wanted "Anybody" to watch the action or maybe even join in. I was just hoping that she was kinky like me and liked people to watch what I was doing with the was an intoxicating feeling to know that someone could just walk around the corner and find me face deep in my work..I felt no rush to hurry up and finish with this evil brunette. I wanted to take my time and eat her like an ice cream sundae. I wanted my tongue to squirm to the back wall of her cunt and locate the pulsing pad of flesh called the G-spot.

"Again," she wispered, her voice an erotic melody. "I'm going to cum again."

I know that baby, I thought but did not say.Speaking would have involved removing my tongue from her cunt, and I was nowhere near ready to do that. I continued to stir up her private juices, rolling them around and around on my greedy taste buds. Her lower body clenched up tight, and her cunt muscles pulled at my tongue with surprising strength. In responce, I stroked upward a bit harder with my tireless oral digit. BOOM!!! she was cumming all over again in record time.

Sitting back on my heals, I looked up at those long, lean thighs to the twitching pink hole that oozed all those sweet juices. My fly had come completly unzipped, and it was easy for her to look down and see that I had trippled in size. She bliked several times, like she was trying to force her eyes into focus, and then she scrambeled down onto the slick linoleum to join me....Her teeth were at my fly button,tugging it open. She used mouth and fingers to open impatiently pull my jeans down to the middle of my thighs.

My cock stood up for miles. The brunette slobbered on it, her mouth hot and sticky with desire. She had a probing tounge tip that knew how to press at just the rite spot where the plump helmet met the main shaft. I withered where I sat, fighting to remember old baseball games and anything that would keep me from cumming too quickly in that beautiful mouth. Her lips suched at me avidly, locking themselves tightly about my root so that she could demonstrate a genuine deepthroat job.

The cucumber was only inches away from my finger tips. I grabbed for it suddenly and aimed its slithering tip for the taunt, tattooed ass that she had sticking up in the air. The green head caught between her cheeks, but it hesitated at the tiny opening to her bowels. Her sphincter was putting up the body's usal resistance to any unexpected pleasure. I chuckeled to myself with a evil grin on my face and pressed harder. Abruptly her guts bloomed, widening to accept the long, plump stem of the slippery vegetable.

She grunted softly. Her head bounced faster up and down the shaft of my cock. Her ass squirmed all over the fucking produce department. It wasn't easy keeping a grip on that damn cucumber. They wax the tings, and then the brunettes love juices covering it made it even more slipperier. so I had a tight grip on it to keep it from flying out of my hands and out of her bunghole. She whithered like a nympho's first time at a orgy, while her mouth continued to vaccum-suck the length of my throbbing tool.

Just as I exploded, she too began to cum as well..All the hot juices that built up inside of me when I was playing with her was spewing so hotly down her welcoming throat and finaly I did lose my grip on the cucumber. For the second time in a row, it went spinning out of her body and across the room.I hurriedly slipped just my finger tip into her asshole so that I could feel the contractions. God, she was cumming hard. Just think what a set of muscles like that could do to my cock.

But we were finished. I thought... Standing, I tucked my tool back into my jeans and started to zip up. To my surprise, the brunette wouldn't let go."it isn't over yet," she said. "Please tell me that it isn't over with. I know that I can excite you enough to get you hard again, or I wouldn't have sucked you off in the first place."

I thought for a moment... a little split second of finishing my shopping........then I turned to her and said," OK , honey. Do it. Get me hard again."

Her skirt swirled as she danced over to the zucchinis. They weren't quite as thick as the cucumbers, but they had the advantage of having a wax free skin. It would be much easier for her to get a grip. I watched, my jaw dropping open in appreciation, as she bent forward prettily and reached behind to fuck her asshole herself using a long, skinny zucchini. Her cheeks parted slightly, just enough to show me what it looked like when the green tip slithered into the quivering pink hole.

She was rite. I was hard again already.. I looked down at my watch. almost 3am.....this shopping is taking longer then I expected......but I was loving it... I yanked down my jeans for the second time, now pulling them all the way to my ankles. Slightly hobbled, I scampered over to were she was bent over the squash counter. Without a word of warning, I zoomed into her from behind, my cock easily parting the pink lips of her cunt and burying itself deep inside that furry brunette warmth...

Her hands squirmed away, but the zucchini remained wedged up her asshole. My belly, curved taut against her butt cheeks, saw to that. Our bodies settled into a rythem, with my cock stroking in and out of her warm depths. Her lovley cunt was tighter than her mouth, and that is saying quite alot. I felt her insides pressing down on all sides, milking me past the the point of no return. Twisting and corckscrewing inside of her, I guarenteed she felt the tightness too. When I was about to cum....I slid the shoulder part of her shirt to oneside showing her white smooth skin.leaning over...I bit down on the shoulder and I exploded inside of her.. I was jammed up so tightly to her that she didn't send the zicchini flying. It stayed inside of her the whole time I spewed up her cunt, so she felt everything in both holes at once..

We reluctantly parted at last, not wanting to spoil the magic of the moment with chit chat or by asking each others names........

Kokomo1963 46M/53F

4/18/2006 4:32 pm

Fuck the grocery store...let's just bring all that stuff home and pretend it's "9 1/2 Weeks" again! You do know how to write a story. What a hottie. And guy who treasures his ass...mmmmmm

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