To sassybelle  

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1/4/2006 7:47 am

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To sassybelle

Dear sassybelle,

This is what you wrote in one of your blog.

I have a very high and strong libido. I am very horny all the time. I love sex like whoa. I can literally turn everything into something sexual while talking if I want to. Sexual pleasure is something I cannot live without in my daily life. Before I lost my virginity last summer, I can only make myself cum through masturbation. I am so glad that I am no longer a virgin and I can enjoy the penetration part. Still, I don't have sex with every Tom, Dick and Harry. For the record (which is going to be too much information for all), sex with my German lover is mind blowing and we always try something new to spice things up. While trying new things, we stick to those that work really well with us and can get us off too. Variety is good. Communication during sex is even better.

So how do I pleasure myself when my German lover isn't around or I don't have a substitute playmate? Well I'd have to say I rely on my vibrating bullet that comes with a remote control. I got it when I was in America. It's a good piece of toy since it doesn't resembles a penis or whatsoever and it's compact. I can easily tuck the toy into my small purse or my pocket. Sometimes I love sticking the bullet on my clit between the pussy lips and switch it on to the highest vibration mode while I am out and about. That is how naughty I can be sometimes just to make myself wet and cum in silence. If I am using it at home, I will lay myself down on my back in my bed, rubbing the vibrating bullet on my clit and moaning out softly. When it's time for me to cum, my juices will keep flowing down my pussy to my ass and then right onto my sheets.

Now that got me a little hot and wet. Unfortunately I am going to miss my vibrating bullet. It hasn't been working right and it stops suddenly while I am rubbing it on my clit and I have to move it a bit to make it vibrate again. I guess my self pleasure fun is going to end very soon once the bullet stops vibrating completely. I really need to get a new one but where am I suppose to find it here. I have never seen any sex toy stores around here. Even if they actually existed, they are most probably hidden somewhere that I don't go to. This is one miscellaneous reason why I love being in America. I can easily find sex toys and buy them without any problem. I should have bought more than one vibrating bullet the last time.

I want a vibrating bullet. I want to get wet and cum. I want to moan and scream.

Now this is my response

Of course everybody loves toys at one time of their life. I love toys when I was a kid and now I play with toys too but of a different purpose. For sex. . I use toys on myself and on my wife. It really helps make things hornier.

sassybelle21 32F
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1/4/2006 10:14 am

Whoa I am glad that I browsed to the latest blog entry list's page 2 and found this post. Thank you for making a special post just for me and with my handle in the subject line Toys are awesome!!

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