My visit to India....ohhhh boy !!!!!!!! (Part 1)  

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12/15/2005 3:59 am

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My visit to India....ohhhh boy !!!!!!!! (Part 1)

Wow !!!!

What a week !!!!!!

Had to go to India for business last week, as you do I visited my Doctor before I left and he warned me of diseases and foods and medication appropriate before trip.

All I had to do..... is take these pills 2 weeks before departure........

One slight problem.........

I was leaving in 2 days...


Plan B..... What to avoid.....

Fruit - don't eat fruit except from major hotels...

Water - don't drink from tap, bottled still water only

Meat - you guessed it....from major hotels ....

So I arrived in Bangalore, exited airport, got a 4 star hotel, was feeling quite safe.

Then the horns began. I swear, these people beep their horns on streets as often as they blink. It seems to be an unwritten rule, beep horn when driving as often as you breath oxygen (or whatever they in-hale their).

To get to the hotel took no less than 55mins (about an hour).

At that point I was tired and thought, ok it's night time, every one is anxious to go hme from the airport, right? Wrong !!!!

They ALL beep when they drive !!!

NO ONE gives way !!! NO ONE follows signs, rules or even traffic lights. after a minute or 2, they just go through red lights if no traffic or can sneak in.

I asked the cab driver, "Don't they need a license? A test to pass or something?", he confirmed my worst fear and known fact about India - bribes !!!

You simply pay the Driving Test Inspector off and you get a licence !!!

It's a bit like getting it from a cereal packet.

So here I was deafened for 2-3 hours per day, travelling through the slums of Bangalore (and a few days later Mumbail), with a huge head-ache trying to meditate and block the horn noise.

I almost got through it, but as you can imagine, our driver did same and yes, I almost strangled the guy.

I couldn't quite figure how they have such low accident levels in Bangalore and then in daund on me....there is so much traffic around M G Rd, n one travels more than 40Km/h, so damage is minimal.

Back to the food fears........

So I arrived at this nice 4 star hotel and in the room I saw no water bottles, I asked the concerge where is fresh water? He said tap is fine.....

My worst fears began.....I was in a 4 star hotel that had NO CONCEPT for foreigners and our sensitive stomachs.


For 3 days I ate McDonalds, yep the good old Golden arches I knew I could rely on......

For 3 days I had toast bread and bottled water for breakfast, then n the 4th day after arriving in Mumbai, I splurged......

Yep !!!! A 5 star Hotel where the rich and famous stuff their faces for about US$20 for brwekkie.

I was in heaven and I ate like it was my last meal.

I was sooooo content and full, I was confident I'd last till Singapore that evening...and I did !!!

If only I had never agreed to Club sandwiches with a client that afternoon......

Yep !!! I got the runs......


I was deafened, I was poisoned and I went hungry, apart from that....... no still alive.

I realized Indian people's ammune system is very very tolerant compared to westerners.

In fact on a Sing Air flight back, the indian stewardess confirmed most Sing girls she flies with get sick on food in Mumbai, where as she doesn't.

An interesting fact to me.

Tell me your experiences through India people?

Am sure there are nice experiences by some of you (he says munching on chocolate, after finishing his juicy steak and veges)

fluffylove2011 36F

3/2/2011 3:55 am

WHy the crap in hell anyone would want to visit that stinking hot smelly godforsaken fucken awful country is beyond me .You all deserve what you get!!

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