With the girls  

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With the girls

My latest girl friend Kim was cute all over. Her figure was strength out of my wet dreams. She had enough baby fat to be real cuddly, and her tits were enormous beyond belief. She loved to fuck, and got extremely excited whenever we did, which was at least once a day. She preferred that I fuck her in the ass with her feet over her head. After the usual preliminaries that is where my dick always ended up. Kim liked to scream, as I fucked her ass. Kim did not always cum before I did, so she would suck my dick until I was hard again, and then she wanted me to fuck her pussy till she came. I would fuck her in the missionary position for a while, my dick in her cunt and my tongue in her mouth. Then I would put my arms around her and roll her over on top of me. Then I would start to work on her hug tits and her clit worth my fingers and her mouth. This always sent her over the edge, and she would cum screaming like a wounded animal. The intensity of her orgasms never ceased to amaze me.

Dawn was an old friend. She told me that she wanted to meet Kim. I knew what Dawn had in mind, so I asked Kim if it was ok. Kim admitted that other girls had eaten her before, but said that she had never done it to them. She also admitted that she had enjoyed the experience and that, yes, she had cum. And yes they had been intense climaxes. Finally she agreed to meet Dawn, so I called the perpetually horny Dawn and set up a meeting time.

Dawn did not arrive alone. She brought with her a tiny oriental girl, who could not be more that 4'9". I would gave guessed that Molly was about 10, except she wore a tight t-shirt that revealed very nice tits. "How old is she, Dawn," I asked.

"I am 18," Molly replied. "Do you want to see my ID."

"No, I will take your word for it."

Dawn came up to me and kissed and fondled to me. Then she looked at Kim. "So you are the girl Covington likes to fuck so much," she said and winked. She put her hands on Kimís head and kissed her, her tongue penetrating dep into Kimís mouth. "Whatís sauce for the gander is also sauce for the goose, and I want to taste the sauce."

Then she started taking off her clothes.

Quicker than we realized Dawn unveiled her amazing body. She was stripping Kim just as quickly. And before our eyes began licking the cunt of voluptuous Kim.

Molly and I watched, awestruck at Dawn's efficiency and singleness of purpose. Then Molly began stripping me and herself. "Don't start the orgy without me," Molly said, and licked my ear with her tiny tongue. I touched her minatory breasts and the nipples stood proudly. Molly sighed. On the other side of the room Kim and Dawn were eating each other, and from the sounds they were making, both were enjoying it. The sight of these two gorgeous young women munching each other's carpets had brought my dick to a proud erection. Molly touched it as she licked one of my nipples. She surrounded my dick with her minatory fingers and began to stroke me. I was aroused beyond all reason. My body tensed. I touched Molly's cunt with my finger and rubbed her little clit. Molly smiled and licked my neck. Then she put a leg over my shoulder, and grasping my head with both hands, swung her other leg over my other shoulder bringing her minatory cunt next to my lips. She rubbed my back with her feet. I felt her cunt with my tongue. Molly was moaning, when Kim screamed, "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Fuck, II"MMMMMM cummingggggggggggggggggggg!"

A moment later Dawn joined the chorus, and then Molly was shouting her own song. I was still licking Molly's cunt when i felt something warm surround my dick. It was Kim's mouth. Then I felt someone on Molly's other side. It was Dawn. "She's licking my ass, Molly screamed, and then her small frame began to shudder with orgasm after organism, drenching my face.

"Would you like to switch with me." Dawn said to Kim. Yes Kim replied, and seconds later Dawn was sucking my dick. The change in lickers did not seem to lessen the intensity of Molly's orgasms, but Dawn's played a song on my dick that had me ready to dance to her tune. My body tensed as I built to a climax, and then i exploded into Dawnís beautiful mouth. The flood of spunk filled her, and before she could swallow it, the sticky flow oozed out the corners of her mouth and flowed down her chin, dropping onto her beautiful breasts. Molly screamed and then collapsed onto my shoulders, spent by the power of her last orgasm. Dawn tossed a double headed dildo to Kim, and the two voluptuous beauties fucked each other ass to ass. They both repeatedly exploded in pleasure. Dawn's cunt gushed cum, but both girls kept going, as Molly and I LAY BESIDE EACH OTHER stupefied BY THE POWER OF OUR LAST ORGASMS.

Dawn and Kim were still hot for each other so they went to mulching each other's carpets. You would have thought that two babes with knockers like theirs, would have played with the otherís titties, but they both wanted cunt. Watching how excited they were got to Molly and she was quickly all over me. She was licking my dick as if it were a lollipop, and I was soon hard again. She told me to lay down and as I did she stood over me, then she lowered her body until my dick touched her cunt. She gave me a few strokes to make sure that I was super hard, and then she proceeded to impale her cunt on my dick, clamping my dick with her ultra tight pussy as she slowly lowered herself on to me. She winced as my dick screeched her cunt, but she kept at it until I was all of the way in her. My dick filled her cunt to the bursting point, but she dis not complain. Indeed she began to fuck me in ernest, and quickly with great pleasure. Her face and chest turned a fright red, and she began to wail like a banshee in heat. Then she began to fuck me with truly incredible energy. I had never been fucked so hard before, and by some one so small. My word! She was a blur of motion, moving fast. Her small body, by moving fast, generated great force. Her tiny cunt racked my dick again and again. Her faces expressing great ecstacy, and joy. Oh how that babe could fuck, and how she enjoyed it. God she gave it her all. And then she started cummings. She came over and over again, but as hard as she fucked, I did not reach the point wherei could come. It was too soon for me after the time i came. At last her movements slowed and then she stopped moving, but her body shook, over and over again as orgasmic wave after wave shook it. Each wave, like an epileptic seizure, signified another orgasm, shaking her body. the vibrations slowly diminished and then they finally stopped. Sweat covered her body, and pussy juices flowed from her cunt onto my groin. She collapsed onto me, her tiny tongue penetrating my mouth. "Hi," she said, and smiled at me'

Kim and Dawn were still at each other, but then they stopped. Kim looked dazed. "God," she said, "I must have cum a hundred times."

"I'm still horny,"Dawn said. And then she spotted my dick. She pushed Molly's sated body off me. My dick was still hard and she wanted it. She mounted me on top, and began to fuck me with an energy that rivaled Molly's. But I had enough being on the bottom so I grasped her and rolled over so that I was on top. I fucked her for a coouple of minutes ,and then suddenly Dawn grabed me and rolled on top pf me. No woman had ever don that to me before, but Dawn wanted control and she was strong. So I let her fuck me for a few minutes, and then putting my arms around her, I rolled over on top of her. When she rolled me over again, I decided that if she wanted control, she could have it. She proceeded to fuck me wildly, cummings time after time, her pussy unleashing a seemingly unending flood of cum juices. Then her cunt felt rough, and she stopped/ "I have fucked myself dry," she said. "It never happened before."

She got up and brought back libricant. Then impailing her ass hole on my dick, she settled back down and began to fuck me again. Sje was so wild, I wondered how she uld keep it up. She did.

Dawn's beautiful body was continuously convulsed by orgasms. Each time she came the convulsion seemed more powerful. Finally shaking wildly and uttering a horrific scream, she collapsed completely.

I was sure that she was finished, but in a moment she smiled and said, "Covington I cannot move, but i want you to go on fucking my ass."

I turned her over on her back and streaced her legs over her head, then linticating her ass and my dick I( plunged im again. I fucked her long and hard. I thought that she was incapable of comminbg again. I was wrong. She came often, and when she dfid the power of each orgasm was overwealming. She could not move because of the intensity. Finally i could hold back no longer and came. My orgasm was very powerful. Then I collapsed onto her and slept.

But not for long. I awoke with Molly's small hand touching my dick. "You have not fucked Kim," Molly said.

Kim is beautiful and if I had not spent myself on Molly and Dawn, I would have wanted her. But The mood for sex had left me, or so I thought. "Molly," I said, "Kim will have to wait untill I have rested some."

"No she won't," Dawn said. And suddenly I felt Dawn's mouth closing on my dick. Then Molly began to lick my nipple, very lightly, and i felt another tongue touching me balls, It was Kim. A dead man would be arroused if Rar Rae gave him a blow job, and even as saited as I was, I was not able to resist her. As for the other two, they simply drove me crazy.

My 62 year old cock was as hard as a rock. I fell on Kim's waiting body like a wolf on its prey. Her arms and legs surrounded me as i drove my engorged staff into her how and wet cunt. She responded to my lovemaking, in her usual way. She fucked me like this was the last fuck she was ever going to have. She fucked me like she could not possibly have a more sexy stud penetrating her body. Her arrousal was utterly intense. Her body thrashed about uncontrolably. Her lips sought mine, and her tongue took up permanbt occupancy in my mouth. Her hips moved aginst mine. She moanedm and growled like an animal. Sweat was dripping off me onto her as we fucked. Then she came. It was like she had been hit by a truck. Her body went every way at once. "This is awsome," Kim moaned. Then She came again. If anything, it was harder this tme. She kept right on fucking. I was getting wornout, so I turned us over. It seemed the right thing to do. And Kim seemed to excited to be on top. She cucked me like crazy, comming with great intensity every few minutes. Molly was sucking one of Ki,'s tits now, and just to add spice to the pot Dawn was behind us, licking Kim and playing with my balls. Then Dawn stuck a finger up my ass, and Molly started playing with one of my nipples. I had expected to take a long time, but this tripple eaming was winding me up fast, and then I realized that I was going to cum. I groaned, and then shot my wad into Kim's steaming cunt. Kim exploded on top of me and then collapsed.

I passed out for a while, When I came too, Dawn was standing over my limp body. "Covington are you OK,: she asked. "I think that I will be able to stand up before evening," I responded.

"Good," Dawn said, "I am having another party next week, and I want you to be the only guy there."

"How many girls?" I asked.

"Ten or twelve," Dawn said with a smile.

I groaned.

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