That evening  

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That evening

We sat down in the restaurant and began to look at the minute. There was a large crowd in the restaurant, most waiting to be served. “Let’s order apparisers,” I said. “It may be a while before we get our main course.”

“Will you tell me a story while we wait?” Sarah asked.

“Sure,” I said.

We ordered. Our waitress told us that it would be a long wait to be served, and advised us on which appetizers to order. I began my story.

I was a graduate student in Memphis from 1971 to 1974. The Watergate brakein was considered a sideshow by most people. But throughout the election of 1972. I considered the brake in to be far more important. I remembered that Nixon had been involved in another brake in, during his law school days. He got caught, as well. I had the feelings that Tricky Dickie’s chickens were going to come home to roost, and wasn’t shy about saying so. No one agreed with me. I remember predicting Nixon’s impeachment to John Heney Faulk, “Or will never happen,“ Faulk commented. Little did he know.

“Mary was a woman who was taking graduate classes with us. One was a nurse, in her mid thirties, she had a pretty face, but I could never tell much about her figure because she always wore baggy sweet clothes to class. Since she was married, I did not pay any attention to her. One day she invited everyone in our graduate class to a party at her house. It was rumored that her husband was a rich developer.

The house was a pile. More rooms than anyone could possibly use. The party started out with a dinner. Our host made himself obnoxious by boasting about how much money he made. Later he was to serve a stint in Federal prison, because of fraudulent loans from a Savings and Loan Company that had acquired the notorious nick name “Gunbelt Savings.” That is another story. The guy was really annoying. Most of his guests were very poor graduate students. When he started to boast about how Nixon was going to win the election, and how Democrats were stupid. He must have known that most of his guests were Democrats. I finally lost patients with the insults and shot back that Nixon was a crook, who had planned a common buglery, and was unworthy of the office of President of the United States. I told my host, that only a Republican couldn’t see Nixon’s guilt, and that eventually, Nixon would be kicked out as president.

I was very emotional, and I noticed that as I spoke my hostess was smiling. My host, on the other hand, was flushed with anger. I thought he was going to kick me out of the house, but he didn’t say anything. Mary came up to me, beaming, “I regret being rude to your husband,” I said.

“Howard had it coming,” she replied with a smile. I looked at her, she had traded her usual sweet suite for a very stylish dress, that showed very nice shoulders, and hinted of a spectacular bust. Little variations seemed to be streaming off her in my direction. “Does she want me?” I wondered.

Mary went on to talk to other guests, while I found entered a discussion on the Frankfurt School. Later in the evening Mary approached me. “Charles,” she said, “I am writing a paper on the philosopher, John Locke. I was wondering if you could help me understand some of his ideas.”

“I don’t know that much about Locke, but I do have a general idea where he fits in the history of philosophy. The general outline is not too difficult to understand, I think.

Mary laughed, “Easy for you, maybe, but not me.”

She lead me up stairs, and opened a heavy wooden door. “This is my study,” she said.

“You wanted to show my your paper on Locke.”

“A pretext,” she said. “I wanted to offer you a special party favor, for putting Howard in his place.”

I grinned wondering if what was coming me.

“I have a confession to make,” Mary said. “I love to give head. No don’t think that you are going to get fucked tonight, because you are not. Don’t worry, after what I am going to do to your cock, you won’t miss a thing.”

As she spoke, she unzipped my pants, and then pulled out my distended organ. “Giant economy size,” she said, as she slipped down to her knees and surrounded the head with her lips. A hand surrounded my shaft. I was beginning to feel intense sensations. Soon she was licking, rubbing and stroking my dick. Every now and then she would suck a ball into her mouth. Out one would go, and the other would replace it. Then her lips were on my cock and she was playing with my balls with her hand. I was in seventh heaven. “Don’t you want me to do something for you?” I asked.

“I’m taking care of myself,” she said. I looked and saw that her hand was strumming her pussy under her dress. “Oh you want to see me play with my self?” she asked.

I was going to tell her that it wasn’t necessary but before I could say anything she was taking off her dress. I immediately started to eat my heart out. She had a great body. Big breasts, wide hips, shapely legs. I wouldn’t have believe that it could be possible for my dick to get any harder but it instantly did. “Charles, I am going to demonstrate to you why your lovers should always be nurses. I am going to give you a prostate examination. She crossed to her desk and pulled out a small bottle. “Lubricant,” she said She drooped a fluid on her index finger. “Bend over,” she said. I followed her direction. “I know you have had a prostate examination before, but I’ll bet that you never had anything like this.”

I felt her finger passing quickly into my ass. Then it paused, and seemed to be messaging the area that doctors check. At first this felt slightly uncomfortable, but then I begin getting a pleasant feeling form the message. Then pleasure turned to arousal, and soon I was on fire. I said, “how can I get into your pussy? I need something to fuck.”

“Fuck this.” She said. She knelt down in front of me again. Suddenly my dick was inside her mouth. She stuck her finger up my ass again. I grabbed her head with her hands, and began forcing my dick deep inside her mouth. I was fucking her in the mouth, fucking her deeply. I thought she would tell me to stop, but she completely swallowed my dick every time I forced it into her mouth. I wondered if I was being too rough, but she seemed to be enjoying it. I saw that when was playing with her pussy with her free hand. “I could do that,” I said.

“No thanks,” she replied.

My dick by now seemed enormous. Waves of sensation rippled through my body. Inside I felt that I was melting with pleasure. The pleasure was so intense that it reached the threshold of pain. Then I erupted. The seamen shot out of my cock. Spasms spread from my balls outward to my whole body. One jet after another exploded out of my engorged organ. I suppressed the desire to scream with pleasure. Unable to stand, I collapsed onto the floor. My server collapsed beside me, her fingers strumming her pussy like a musician strumming a guitar. “If you can “You can fuck me, if you can get it up before I come,” she offered,

I was completely spent. I knew that she knew it too. I couldn’t move, let alone have another erection now. I could only watch her play with her self. And what I saw s amazing. As she masturbated, she begin to rise on her heels and shoulders. Her body formed an arch, completely suspended between her feet and the top of her back. At the top of the arch was her pussy. Her fingers were moving so fast that they were a blur of motion. Then she gasped and the arch collapse. She lay next to me for a moment and then said, “I am a Democrat too.” Then she got up and put on her dress, “Turn the light on off on your way out, please,” She said.

The next week in class, she winked at me.

“You never got together with her again?” Sarah asked.

“I always figured that it was a one time thing. We were in class together for the rest of the semester and all of the next. I spoke to her of course, but she was never even friendly. Several years later I read in the newspaper that her husband was in the center of the Savings and Loan scandal.”

“Interesting story,” Sarah said with a smile.

Or food finally arrived. We chatted casually during the meal.

Walking back to the motel room, Sarah said, “Your story made my pussy wet, “

“Are you still wet?”

“When I am with you I am always wet. You know how to get to me.”

“I am flattered that you say that, but I have been constantly horny since I meet you.”

“Well Charles, do you want to watch TV tonight, or do you want to do something else?”

“What did you have in mind?”

“How about catching a movie?”

“Somehow I think that we went to a movie the best show wouldn’t be on the screen.”

As soon as we got to the motel room Sarah set she do not disturb sign outside the door. “Should I try to imitate your friend Mary?” She asked, pulling down the zipper of my pants. “Or should I give you what Mary wouldn’t let you touch?” she asked pulling off her pants and panties to show me her precious little pussy. “May be, I should ask you to start on my breasts first,” she said exposing her firm little tittles. I saw that her tiny nipples were standing erect. I bent over and sucked one, and then another. “Good choice,” she said, and then she reached into my open crouch. Her nipples were not the only thing that was erect. I licked her breasts as she played with my tool. Then she unbuttoned my shirt, and before I realized what was happening she was playing with my nipples with her little fingers! I don’t know how much she enjoyed my play with her nipples, but I was exstatic. But then no matter where Sarah touched my body, I experienced the most exquisite pleasure where ever she touched me with her fingers, her lips, and her tongue. Indeed ant part of my body that came into contact with any part of hers immediately became an erogenous zone. As quickly as her fingers had found my nipples, they returned to my engorged penis. My whole sensory mechanism was in extreme overload.

The tension from my arousal compelled me to action. I bodily lifted Sarah and deposited her on the bed. “Fuck me,” she said, spreading her legs. It was exactly what I planned to do, I pounced onto her body, placing myself over her, on my elbows and knees. Then grasping her hips, I speared her cunt with my rampant cock. Her legs wrapped around my waist. A deep sigh escaped her lips as my cock penetrated her to the quick. Her pussy was hot and wet. I was overwhelmed with sensation at the moment. “Give it to me quick,” she moaned. So I did. I avoided placing my weight on my tiny partners body, and she responded to my thrust with lively movement underneath me. The thrust of her hips meet mine with surprising force. My raging cock filled her tight little pussy almost to the bursting point. Her hand played with my balls. The sensation spurred me to even greater activity. I was beside myself with pleasure. “Fuck me Sarah,” I begged. “Fuck me, oh fuck me.” Sarah moaned, her pussy flushed, I felt her juices wet my balls.

“Charles, I want to change positions,” Sarah said. I wrapped my arms around her, and rolling over, placed myself on my back, with Sarah on top. She squealed with pleasure, and then we were off. Sarah was riding me like a cowboy on the back of a bucking bronco, with me supplying the buck. I Held on to her hips, and fanned her clit with my thumb. Her hips were vibrating against me, as my dick rocketed into her depth. I looked up into her beautiful face. The look was vacant, lost in passion. I was not far from sexual abandonment myself. At a younger age I would have reached a climax long ago, but I realized that I would take a long time before I came tonight. Our lovemaking was so intense, that we had fallen into silence, then Sarah came again with a sudden grunt. She collapsed on my chest for a few seconds, as her justices flowed down my cock, onto my red hot balls again.

“Let’s change positions again,” Sarah said.

“You issue instructions succinctly,” I commented.

“And you are enjoying the benefits,” Sarah responded, as she rotated 180 degrees to face my feet. I pulled her body back toward me, her back now on my belly. Then warping my arms around her again, I rolled over again, so that I was now in a perfect position to fuck her cunt from behind. “Charles, I had no idea that you were so handy.”

:Always glad to be of service,” I responded. Her little but was pointed into the air beneath me. I pound into it with incredible fury. “Keep it up,” Sarah said. “Please don’t stop. Please fuck me, oh please, please, please.”

My thighs and balls slapped against her tiny ass. The sound of Sarah’s voice begging me to continued filled me with most glorious lust. I was an animal rutting, Sarah in heat. It was sex on the most primitive, animal level. Two bodies hammering against each other utterly without restraint. I lost awareness of everything except her body and mine, as we connected responded, drew away, coiled like springs, only to come at each other, our groins slamming together with resounding power. Sarah began to wail like a siren. The a tremendous organs shook her body. She gasped, and then stopped moving.

The stillness of my little partner removed a spur to my passion and I suddenly became aware of how tired I was. I had been fucking Sarah for all my worth for a long time. I was panting, my body was covered with sweet. I could barely move.

I shifted my body, propping my back against the head of the bed. My dick was still erect, still eager, but the rest of my body seem finished. Then Sarah opened her eyes. She grinned. Then she saw my erect penis. “You didn’t come,” she asked.


“Don’t worry, I’m going to take care of you.”

Sarah now had recovered from her swoon. She stood on the bed and walked to my body. Then she was standing over me facing my feet, her legs astride my torso, her tiny ass next to my face. Bending over at the waist, Sarah reached down and kissed my rigid cock, then she began to swallow it, grasping my shaft with one hand. Her other hand played with my balls.

When Sarah bent over to play with my dick, her little pussy presented itself to my mouth. My tongue moved as if driven by instinct. I strummed her clit with it, repeatedly, then I licked the lips of her pussy, tasting her wetness. Then I began to penetrate her with my tongue.

Sarah was working on my cock with a vengeance. She sucked the head while she hands continually stroked the shaft. Then she popped a ball into her mouth, her hand didn’t miss a stroke. My dick responded by growing as she drew the other ball into her mouth. She released my balls and began to lick my shaft, her hands now playing with me balls. A finger probed the crease between my balls and began to rub the base of my dick. She continued this play as she sucked on my dick, her little teeth nipping its sides. I was gradually ascending into the seventh heaven of sensual excess.

Meanwhile I continued to probe her cunt with my tongue, while I rubbed her slit with a finger. My other hand reached up and rubbed a nipple. Then I cupped her little breast. My hands began to wander all over her body, touching her legs, her thighs, her hips, cupping her ass, touching her belly, her back her breast again, her chest, her neck and shoulders. Touching her tiny body was driving me to the edge erotic pleasure. My brain was in overdrive with sensation. Her lips on my pulsing shaft were delivering me pleasure beyond all reckoning. I was amazed that I was able to exercise ant control at all over my body, as wave after wave of sensual pleasure swept over me. Sarah was beside herself as well, as she reached climax after climax through the ministration of my tongue. Each of her climax seemed more powerful than the last. She was still attacking my flaming cock like a woman possessed, I wondered how she was maintaining control, considering the power of her orgasms.

At last I felt myself building toward a tremendous climax. Sarah sensed it, and used the last vestige of her control to bring me to that point. As my cum began to jet into her trembling mouth, she began to come as well, as an amazing orgasm shook her body. My spunk was jetting from my still turgid dick, into her mouth. I felt her slump, as her ejaculation wet my tongue. She collapsed onto me, my spasming cock still clenched in her mouth. I began to loose consciousness.

When I woke up, seemingly hours later Sarah was asleep between my legs, her heel resting on my thigh, a toe was touching a ball. On her face was a look of contentment. I kissed her, picked her up, and placed her head on the pillow next to mine. Then I covered her naked body with a blanket.

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