Sarah-Jane II  

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Sarah-Jane II

Gail spent most of the summer being courted by a guy who made lots of money, Sarah-Jane lived with Gail, but saw little of her sister, who was much to busy to wonder what Sarah-Jane was doing with her time. Sarah-Jane was having sex with me. We had discovered how to make her cum the first time we had sex, and after that there was no stopping her. Sarah_Jane loved sex, and as far as she was concerned sex with me was the gold standard.

The second time we meet for sex, we again did 69 all evening. After we had licked, fingered, rubbed and sucked each other to several climaxes, I started craving a little variety. Sarah-Jane admittedly refused my request to screw her cunt, So in desperation I licked a ginger and slide it into her ass, I expected her to object, but to my surprise, she responded by humping my finger excitedly. I finger fucked her ass back and she squealed with pleasure. “Charles, you are a dirty bastard,” she exclaimed, ramming her butt down on my finger.

Her hips were by now moving violently. I held on to her with my free hand. It was impossible to lick a pussy that was moving so fast. Then she came violently, a fountain of juice ejaculating from her pussy. She did not move for what seemed an eternity, and then she looked at me. A smile crossed her face. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed. “I have made a mess.”

Much of the spray had ended up back on her body. The rest was on my bed. I was not worried about that, I began to lick the liquid off her body. “Come kiss me,” she said.
I kissed her, my lips wet with her cum. She licked my lips and grinned. She touched my hard dick and stroked it. “You need attention,” she said. “God what you did to me!”
As soon as she recovered, she went down on me. Soon it was her finger in my ass. I could not withstand this play long and I blew my load into her mouth, She smiled and swallowed.

The next time we had sex, I fingered her ass hole, and then licked it, finally shoving my tongue in, She screamed more in delight than pain, I felt. Quickly she followed suit, her tongue probing my anus, while she stroked my dick. She quite obviously loved dirty play.
We more or less repeated the same adventure the fourth time we had sex, but the fifth time she said to me, “Charles, I want to you to fuck me in the ass.”

We started with anal play. I licked her ass, wet my finger with a lubricant, and then slipped it in. Then i twisted it, which brought the usual level of excitement. But I thought that a single finger was not enough to open the door sufficiently, So I withdrew my finger, and lubricated it again, then i began to slide my fingers in, the middle finger first. Once it had found purchase, I slid a second finger in after it, I ask her if it hurt. She said no, but there was a little discomfort at first, I moved my fingers slowly, gradually penetrating her ass more deeply. As I did she began to respond, “Charles, you are dirty,” she said. “You are just so dirty,” She laughed. “I am dirty too. I love what you are doing to me.”
She humped my fingers. I twisted them inside her rectum. She moaned. “Don’t stop,” she said. I spread my fingers and twisted again. She screamed. Then i felt a wet finger slide into me ass. Her lips closed on my dick. I licked her clit and we were off to the races. She came hard almost at once. I thought that she would stop and rest, but after a few seconds, she said, “Charles, I want you to cum in my ass. Lay down.”

I did what she asked, and quickly she was on top me. She grabbed the lubricant, and soaking her fingers, she transferred it to my dick, stroking me with her lubricated hand. Then she ran two small fingers into her ass lubricating it as well. Assured that everything was going to be slippery as hell, she slowly lowered her ass onto my dick, guiding my dick into her enlarged hole. “Now I am you anal slut,” she said. Then she started moving her ass, “I just hope I don’t shit on your dick,” she said with a laugh. Then she began fucking me hard. I fingered her clit, and she went wild. “Oh my god,” she said, “Oh my God! Charles, you son of a bitch, your dick is on my ass. Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck me, you son of a bitch. You ass fucking son of a bitch! Oh god damn! Oh God Damn! Oh Fuck.” She was fucking me on a frenzy, her tiny body almost out of control, Her long hair whipping all over the place, lashing my face, then my legs.

My own excitement was intense, and growing. I could not hold it back, i shot my load into her ass. She screamed, and climaxed, spraying her juice on my belly, chest and face, i grabbed her ass, and pulled her groin to my face. There was a gaping hole where my dick had been. Out of it poured a creamy colored liquid. I brought my lips to her anus, and sucked, drawing out my cum. She shuddered with another powerful climax. I sat up, and putting my hands on her head, drew her lips to mine. I kissed her mouth, moving one hand to her cunt and sliding a finger in. Then I slid my cum covered tongue into her mouth. She climaxed again and went limp in my arms.

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