Sara-Jane's story  

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8/16/2006 4:56 pm
Sara-Jane's story

A week before I was suppose to head off to the university, Charles told me that he had to go to a meering, and would be out late. I decided to stay at Gail's place for the evening. Gail had a date with ray, her boy friend. Gail had seen Ray practically every night that summer, And I thought i was going to hear about an engagement before the summer was over. But about two weeks ago, things started to change. When I saw gail whe was in a bad moor. Once I heard her crying in her room.

That night Gail cvame in at 8:30. way to early. Her make up was stained with tears. I hak her, "Gail, what's wrong?"

"Just forget about it," Gail said.

"Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, if you have a dildo, lend it to me. That bastard Ray fucked mde tonight, but he only thought about his own pleasure and left me frustrated."

I had several dildos, and I went to get them. When I cam back, I saw that Gail had gone to her bed room. I went in after her, dildoes clutched in my hands. When I walked into the bedroom, i saw Gail undressed on her bed. her face and chest were flushed. She was finger fucking her pussy. "Shit," Gail said, "I did not mean for you to see me this way."

"You are beautiful, so i do not mind looking at your body. You must be very frustrated. I would like to help."

"Give me one of the dildoes," Gail said.

I walked over to the bed. I pushed Gail's legs appart, and then removed her hand from her pusst. Then I shoved a big duildo into her cunt, and started working it.

"Sara-Jane!" Gail said, "What are you doing?"

"What I wanted to do all summer, play with your pussy."

"Oh my god, you're my sister."

"That makes it more fun."

While Gail was protesting verbally her body was telling a different story. Her hips were moving, as I pumped the dildo in and out of her cunt. Gail was too caught up in her passion to stop me. She might argue afterwards.

I took the slider dildo in my other hand, wet it with spit, and shoved it into Gail's ass. Then i started pumping both dildoes. Gail moved with real excitementg now. She was moaning and cursing "Shit," she said, "shit, you are a devil."

I was drilling her hard now. My pussy was gerring wet, and my nipples were hard as rocks. I would have taken off my clothes, and jumped on Gail's body. Gail was playing with her nipples now. They must have been hard as rocks, and she was pinching and rubbing them. Her pussy was leaking and the fluid was running down on her ass.

"God," Gail said, "oh my God. My sister."

'God yes," I said, "I have the hottest sister in the world, and fucking you is just so hot. You are so wet, and I am too."

"It's so dirty," Gail said.

"That is why it is so exciting."

"Oh my goooooodddddddddddd!" Gail said, and then her pussy started squirting. She stopped moving then, and a smile covered her face. "Oh god damn. Oh god damn. Oh fuck."

I quickly stripped my clothes, while Gail lay immobile. Then laying down on top of her body, i brought my pussy to her face. Gail did not hesitate. Sister or no, she started licking my cunt. "This is crazy," Gail said, but I am crazy tonight. I needed to get off so bad. You have no idea."

"Yes I do. I know that you must miss fucking Charles."

"How do you know?"

"Because I have been fucking him all summer."

"Oh my god! Now I know you are the devil."

"Yes I am a very horny devil, that just seduced my sister. Now shut up and lick me." And she did.

Gail has a wild streak, that is like mine. Past a certain point she will do about anything. We licked each other till we both came, and then did not stop. We both were wild, coming constantly. "Shit," Gail said, "this is unbelievable."

"We are both horny bitches. God, don't stop. i want to go on all night."

Oh fuck! of Fuck! oh fuck! God Damn sister bitch! God Damn Sister fucker. Sister slut. Sister whore! Sister cunt! Oh Shit! Oh fuck! Oh god damn!" She said and then she came with a roar.

We were both wound tight, but eventually we started to unwind. Gail held me in her arms and kissed my lips. "What have we done?" she asked. "What have we done?"

"We just had a lot of fun," I said, and so we had.

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