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I was 33 when I meet Pat. She was 50. Pat was still an attractive woman who tred tho hid the fact that she was aging behind heavy makeup. We meet at a singles party. She introduced herself, and seemed quite interested when i revealed my intellectual interests, Pat turned out to be a collector. What she collected eas men. I belonged in her collection, she revealed, because I was the best educated of the many men in her collection.

Considering Pat’s obvious invitation, I invited her out for dinner, a few days later. i picked her up at 7. At dinner Pat proved herself to be a pleasant companion. She was witty and sophisticated. She revealed that she had been married sever times, and then added, “I have had more lovers than I could ever count.”

‘How is that?” I asked.

“Honey,” Pat said, “I like to screw two or three different men in a day. No one man cab keep up with me sexually.”

“Have you today?” I asked.

“I had a quick screw this morning before work, and I am going to fuck you silly tonight before you go home,” she added. Her hand was under the table, and i felt her touching my thigh. I responded by reaching my hand under the table and touching her thigh. Pat grasp my hand and guided it to her honey nest. She did not have on panties, and i easily penetrated her groin. She let out a momentary gasp, a look of intense concentration clouding her face. She began to move on my finger. “You catch on quick,” she whispered in my ear. “I am going to fuck you all night,”

She was by now dancing on my finger. Then i felt her finger enter her cunt along side mine. Her finger played with mine inside the holy grotto. The grotto felt wet. “Oh Charles,” she moaned quietly, “I am going to cum.” The sprinklers went off with as shudder.

By now my mind and body were on fire, “Let’s get you home,” I said. I payed the bill and we rushed out into the might, her hand exploring my body as we walked. “Charles,” she said, “You are a naughty boy. You have already got me so wet, that a river is running down my leg. The parking lot was dark, but we found the car. I opened the door for her, and she got in. “Stay there,’ she said, she rolled down the window. before i realized what was happening, her legs were sliding out of it. Soon her ass was propped up on the car window sill. Her legs were spread. I knew what she wanted. My face was in her groin in a flash, and i began sucking her cunt in ernest.

“OH Charles,” she moaned. “Oh Charles, oh Chaaaaarrrrlllleeeessss!”

He legs drapped over my sholders, her feet pushed against my back. Her hips gyrated against my mouth. I kept tasting new charges of fluid. I felt her tremble as she came. “Get in her and fuck me now,” She said in a breathy voice. i opened the car door, She moved to let me craw into the passenger seat and then straddled my lap facing me, “It is tight,” she said, “but not to tight to fuck.”

With an expert hand she unzipped my pants and drew my dick out. With a wiggle and a slight turn, I was inside her. Then she began to hammer me, nailing her pussy with my dick. “I love to fuck,” she said. “I love to fuck! I love to fuck, I love to fuck, I love to ffffuuuuuuccckkkkk!” she was bouncing up and down in the cramped car. Her lips clamped on mine, her tongue in my mouth. She sucked on my mouth. I grabbed her ass with my hands, squizing her ass hard, and puling myself deeper into her. She licked my neck, and then sucked it, hammering my dick and groin all the time. ‘Do you love fucking me?” she asked. “Do you love fucking me as much as i love fucking you? Charles, you are a pussy tease. Do you knosw that. My pussy is hungry for you. it wants your dick inside. Oh fuck me. oh fuck me, oh fuck me. I am cummmmiiinnnngggg,” She shouted.
The intensity of her excitement drove her over the edge, and i came just as she did.

I was barely able to control the car as I drove her home. We started fucking again as soon as we hit the house. Her cunt was incredibly wet, and from time to time i would stop fucking her to suck some of the fluid out of it, This only excited more and as soon as I slid my dick back inside her she would attack me with renewed vigor, We took turns fucking on top. She came innumerable times. My hips started getting sore from fucking so hard. I came 4 times, but still wanted to fuck, but could not get an erection. “Charles,’ Pat said, “Give a girl a rest.” I did, for a half hour. Then i was up and in her again. It was that way all night.

At dawn Pat said, “Charles you have to leave.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Another guy is coming to fuck me in a half an hour. Get some rest. You are on my card again for tonight.”

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