For would be sex partners  

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8/4/2006 3:15 pm

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For would be sex partners

1. Would you like to be my sex slave?

2. Would you like me to spank your ass?

3. How dirty would you talk to me? How dirty do you want me to talk to you?

4. Would you moan and talk dirty or hold all your feelings in?

5. Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?

6. Would you go down on me?

7. Would you give me a hickie?

8. How many tines do you want to cum before you are ready to call it a night?

9. What would you want to do afterwards? Or do you just want more sex?

10. Do you want me to see you nude? Do you want to see me nude?

11. Would you lick, suck and bite me all over?

12. How much foreplay do you like. Does oral sex get you off?

13. Would you accept my lead in sex?

14. Would you fall asleep after we fuck, or do you want to do multiple rounds?

15. Would you want a slow fuck, or to fuck for us to fuck our brains out?

16. What kinky places would you like to fuck me?

17. Do you want me to cum quickly, or fuck you all night?

18. Would you scream your head off or be quiet?

19. Do you think I could make you have a orgasm?

20. Do you think I can give you multiple orgasms and if so how many?

21.) Do you masturbate?

22.) How often do you do it?

23.) How do you do it?

24.) While you do it do you watch porn, cyber sex, watch someone's cam, or just use your imagination?

25.) Do you verbalize when you masturbate? How Loud?

26.) Would you fuck a complete stranger?

27.) How far would you go with a complete stranger?

28.) Does the thought of sex in public turn you on?

29.) Have you ever had sex in public?

30.) Are you willing to have public sex, or do you just like the fantasy?

31.) How long can you go without sex?

32.) Would you ever cheat?

33.) Ever been cheated on?

34.) Ever been in a threesome?

35.) Would you be willing to have a threesome?

36.) Last time you had sex?

37.) Last time you you played with yourself?

38.) What is the maximum number of orgasms you had in one day?

39.) When you have sex, where does the cum go?

40.) Does reading this make you horny?

41.) Are you playing with yourself right now?

42.) How old were you when you lost your virginity?

43.) How many people have you had sex with?

44.) tCan you remeber the names of all of youor sex partners?

45.) Ever take someones virginity?

46.) What was your best sexual experience?

47.) Favorite sexual activity(time,place,etc.)?

48.) When having sex, what turns you on the most?

49.) Favorite position?

50.) Rough sex or slow passionate love-making?

51.) Ever have anal? If you have tried do you like?

52.) If not have you ever put anything besides a dick in your ass?

53.) Have you ever licked a partner's ass?

54.) What is your dirtiest sexual fantasy?

55.) What is the dirties thing that you have ever done?

56.) Dominant or submissive?

57.) ADo you want to be a sex slave?

58.) Condom or no condom?

59.) Do you liked to tease?

60.) Are you masturbating right now?
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