A cold night in Tennessee  

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A cold night in Tennessee

When I was a young man my job often took me into the Cumberland mountains of East Tennessee along US 25. I often drove past a seedy looking motel. The sign said Phillips Family Motel. I never thought that I would stop, but one evening snow began to fall heavily as I drove south on US 25, and the road began to feel treacherous. My headlights caught the Motel sign through the gloom of falling snow. And I decided to stop for the night. I parked beside a door that said office, and exited the car. Inside the office was a middle aged woman. "I need a room for the night," I said. "Mister you are smart," she responded, "There is a bad wreck up ahead. A simi-truck has jackknife, and at least two cars have hit it. The motel is empty, and I just got a call that they are closing US 25 at Jelico, so you may be my only customer for the night."

The room fell silent for a moment. There was a cold craft blowing through the room. "That will be ten dollars," she said. Then she added, "Are you hungry?"

"Yes," I said. "Our rooms are next to the office. I made a pot of stew, and some cornbread. For two dollars more you are welcome to all you can eat."

I handed her $12, and she motioned me through to a door to another room. I walked through it, expecting her to follow. She did not. Instead I found a young woman in the next room, a kitchen-dining room. "I'm Charles," I said.

'I'm Jodie," the young woman replied. There was something about her that made my dick extend. "Did Ma send you back here for supper?' she asked.


"I will fix you a plate. There is nothing sweet for to go with it. If you want something sweet, you will pay extra."

"How much?" I asked.

"Ten dollars."

"That is a little steep."

"Mister for your ten dollars you get to taste something that is mighty sweet. You get to taste my pussy."

"For five dollars more, you get Ma and me both."

I was astonished and said nothing. I looked at my plate. "Eat up mister," Jodie said. "It's getting cold."

I ate silently. Jodie was cleaning the kitchen, but every now and then she glanced at me. My eyes could not stay away from her. I could feel my ten dollars tugging at my pock.

I had almost finished my plate when the older woman walked through the door from the office. "No one else will be spending the night. The road is blocked at both ends," she said. "Mister it is mighty cool in them motel rooms, but it is warm back here. How would you like to spend the night with Jodie and me? We could keep you real warm, and it is only a little extra."

She reached down in front of me. Her hand suddenly clinced my distended dick. I jumped with a start, "He seems ready," she nodded to Jodie. And indeed I was.

Jodie led the way to the bedroom. Emma, that is what she told me her name was, escorted me, her hand was playing with my dick and balls all the way. She was licking and sucking an ear. My 25 year old dick felt like it had just gone into overdrive.

As we arrived in the bed room all three of us were eagerly disrobing. Jodie held my face and planted her lips on mine. Her tongue probed my mouth knowingly. I glanced at her youthful body. She looked prefect. Emma was older, and had more flesh to her, but it all seemed in the right places. She was hungrily exploring my body with her hands, mer lips kissing my belly, and then moving ever lower, until they reached my dick which was standing like a flag pole. I felt those lips envelope the head of my dick. Both women were working on my with their mouths. I thought that I was going to cum immediately but Emma was am experienced whore, I know how to stop a man from cumming to quickly. She squeezed my dick and held it. I had something like an orgasm, but I did not ejaculate. I seemed to back off a little, but i was still aroused, my dick was erect as ever, and i was ready for heavy action.

"Jodie, you fuck him first," Ema said. Jodie laid down on the bed. Her legs were spread. I was drawn inexorably to her cunt. MY body hovered over her, one hand on my dick, the other on her cunt. It was wet. She was touching her clit with one hand and rubbing a nipple with her other. Emma lay beside her, a hand stroking her clit like a harp. Both women were moaning as i slid my dick into Jodie's cunt. No sooner than I had entered than Jodie's legs were around me, clamping me to her like a vice. Her cunt was as tight as a clamp too, and it took all my effort to slide in and out of her. Her hips began gyrating wildly. "Fuck me mister," she said. "Is this the best piece of ass you have ever had, mister?" I had to agree with her, She was well worth what ever i was going to pay for my might's entertainment. Outside the wind was howling, and snow was still falling, or at least being blown around. I had no worry about the cold. I was sweating. Jodie was screaming, "JJJJJJJJJJJJJJEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSSSSS! FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!


She had one hand on her daughter's tit and her other nand was flying back and forth across her cunt. Both women seemed quite our of their minds with lust. I was there too. The excitement of my companions had arouse me to an extraordinary extent, but the tightness of Jodie's cunt seemed to prevent me from cumming, Then Jodie came with a roar. Her cunt relaxed for a second, and in that second, i came too. Elma screamed a final "Oddddddddddddddddd DAAAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNN, and her cunt exploded with a shower of cum. It was the first time I had ever seen a woman ejaculate. she thrust her cunt into my face and said, "Suck it." I was treated to the taste of her still exploding pussy. My lips pressed against it, and I drank. Below me, Jodie moaned, her hips still moving. I collapsed on top of her body. Emma quickly pushed me off. I was for the moment out of combat, but Emma's mouth was on Jodie's cunt. She was licking and sucking Jodie, while the young woman gyrated and screamed. Emma lifted her head. Her lips were covered with my spunk. It ran down her chin. God I thought. She brought her face to mine and kissed me, the slimy liquid on her tongue. One of her hands was on Jodie's crotch, the other on my dick.

"Mama, don't stop," Jodie said, and Emma turned her head back to her daughter's snatch. Emma planted her cunt in Jodie's face, and the younger woman quickly began to lick her mother's cunt. Both were soon howling. Emma had not forgotten me. Her hand was on my dick. Even as her mouth worked her daughter's cunt, one hand worked my dick and balls. The room was filled with the sound of the two women's cries. Both sounded like sex crazed animals. My dock sprang to attention in record time.

Emma said to me, "Come here." I approached her. She stuck her lips to Jodie's cunt and then withdrew them. She raised her face, and grabbing my dick, inserted it onto her mouth. Her mouth was full of jodie's juices, and my dick came out very wet. I heard her swallow the rest. "Fuck my butt." she said to me, raising her ass. "Just ram it into my anus like a good boy," she added, with a wicked laugh. I was utterly astonished. But i did what she asked, forcing my dick into her ass. She turned back to Jodie's cunt, and while Jodie ate her cunt, I fucked Emma's ass. THe woman quickly went crazy with pleasure, but won't let either of us stop as she came over and over again. Jodie came too, mote times than I could count. Finally i cam with a powerful orgasm, by body shuttering as i came, the spunk first shot from my dick like water from a firehouse, and then it continued to pour out like of my dick into Emma’s ass like molten lead. I groaned as I came. Finally I stopped cumming and I collapsed onto the bed next to the two women who seemed equally spent.

I awoke sometime later, something was touching my dick. It was hard too. I looked down and saw Jodie's face, her mouth was surrounding my dick. She saw that I was awake and said, "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" I died not know what she said, but it sure felt good. My dick now hard, Jodie straddled my body. almost instantly she started fucking me like a wild woman. I reached down with my left hand and touched her clit. Then I rubbed it. She fucked me even harder. I reached my right hand up ane touched he nipple, grasping it between mt thumb and first finger. She was beside herself. I grasped her clit the same way and was rewarded by hearing her scream. Emma was, of course awake, and I found her grabbing my balls while her daughter banged me like there would be no tomorrow. My hips rocked up- in down driving my piston into Jodie's cylinder. Jodie responded by wailing louder and louder, higher and higher. I thought that the girl was going to explode. Instead her intensity grew, and then she started to cum. She would fuck me for a moment with great intensity, and then suddenly stop, he body growing limp, as a shriek escaped from her mouth. Then after s moment's pause she would begin fucking me again then she would cum again, louder, harder and longer. Each time she came she would take longer to start again, but once she started, her intensity was greater than the last time. Finally her body spassumed like a seizure as she came and she collapsed into a stupor.

No sooner than Jodie had retired from the scene of carnal combat, than Emma had taken her place. She seemed to out do the younger woman in fucking me. As she fucked, Emma pushed an enormous tit into me mouth while she sucked on the other one. Her body gyrated and swirled on my dick, making me feel that it was in the spin cycle of a washing machine. Jodie had excited me intensely with her fuck, but the older woman was far more the mistress of the whore's craft than her daughter. I exploded inside her cunt, as the old whore came screaming. both of us collapsed, and that would have been the end of my night, had it not been for the two women, both of whom awoke me for a further fuck and various wee hours of the night.

When I looked at my face in the bathroom mirror the next morning, i had a wan haggard look. In fact, I looked as if I had been held prisoner in a whore house, and had been forced to service the whores day and night. Jodie served me breakfast. "Mister," she asked, "Did I fuck you good last night?"

"Ya," I answered.

"Do you want to marry me," She asked. "I'll fuck you like that every day."

"Thank you for the offer, but I have a girl friend." I lied. I knew that Jodie would be trouble. I paid Emma for everything. Considering the nights fuck, it was quite a bargain, less than 30 dollars total. Emma gave me a receipt that listed only a room and meals.

When I got back to Jacksboro the next day, I went to my boss's office. "You look bad," he said.

I said, "I got caught on US-25 between Jellico, and Lafallet, and ended up spending the night in a run down motel."

"I know that the road was blocked by the snow, but I did not know that you were on it. Do you have a receipt for your night's stay?"

"Yes," I answered, and handed him the receipt.

"I will sent this to the state office, with a recommendation that you get reimbursed for the expense," he said. "You look awful. It must have been a hell of an experience."

"That it was," I responded.

"Take the rest of the day off. Go home," he told me.

I did.

The next day, I told my colleague Mr. Burris about spending the night at the Phillips Family Motel. He looked at me knowingly. "Did you meet Jodie," he asked.


"She is back from UT for the winter break," he said. Then he continued, "Did she ask you to marry her?"

"Yes," I replied, "But I turned her down."

"That was smart, she has been married four times already."

My jaw dropped. Of course to of those marriages were annulled, because she was under 18, and did not have parental consent."

"how old is she now?"


A few weeks later the state paid me for the total amount on the receipt. No questions were ever asked about that night.

A couple of years later Mr. Burrs mentioned to me that my "girl friend" Jodie had graduated from UT and had taken a job in Knoxville. That was the last i heard of ger for some time. Them one night I was having dinner with my friends Mark and Debby. Debby mention that Mark's half brother Ray had suddenly left the church he attended in Knoxville. "Ray's wife woke him up and told him that she had a revelation from God. She said that God had told her in the middle of the night that He wanted them to leave the church."

"Strange." I said, and thought nothing more about it, until Debby remarked, "Didn't you use to work in Campbell County?"


"Did you ever run across Ray's wife there?"

"I never meet Ray's wife."

"You didn't come to Mark's birthday party, did you," Debby said. "You would have meet her there. Her name is Jodie Phillips."

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Good story!! its a small world!!!!!!!! really!!!!

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