Out on the town  

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Out on the town

She was out on the town. Her and her friends had gotten all dolled up to go out have fun and dance. Now she was taking a break and taking long sips on her drink. Suddenly, he walked up to her and stared into her eyes. He looked towards the bartender and was handed a drink. He reached towards hers, which she had almost finished, and slowly removed it from her hands and replaced it with the other. He leaned in to her ear and said, “enjoy”. Then he walked away. She had never been hit on like that before. It intrigued her. He was good looking and she had already decided, in time she could sleep with him, the way most women do. He was tall, handsome, dark brown hair, but it was his eyes and that voice. His eyes were several different colors; she didn’t know which color was dominate. His voice had been deep and given her a chill when the vibrations touched her ear. She was lost in her evening daydream, when one of her friends came up and dragged her back out onto the dance floor. Her and her friends were dancing with each other. Sure guys were coming up and trying to get into the mix with either her or one of her friends, but they weren’t having it. They just wanted to have a good time and not worry about men. It was girl’s night out.
Time passed and the night was winding down. Her shirt was damp with sweat. She was a little tipsy, but not stumbling or anything. One of her friends was ready to leave and one by one the rest fell in line. She wasn’t quite ready to go, but succumbed to her friend’s wishes and was going to leave with them. She excused herself to relieve her bladder and was accompanied by them all. She was the first to exit the bathroom and there he stood. He smiled at her and she unconsciously smiled back. He approached her and leaned in to vibrate her body once more. He introduced himself and asked if she was leaving. She shook her head yes and leaned in to tell him her name. He then brought a hand up to hold her head as he spoke. When his hand touched her a shot of electricity shot through her and she felt her knees get weak. He asked her if she wouldn’t mind staying there with him and he would take her home later. She only caught half of what he had said. His touch had distracted her. She suddenly felt more buzzed than she had a minute ago. She told him that she was feeling buzzed and thought it best to go home. He again leaned close and asked her if he could take her home. A million thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn’t make sense out of any of them. Visions of him on top of her or her on top of him filled her. She felt warm moisture pooling between her legs. Her knees felt as though they would give out in any second. Just then her friends exited the bathroom and grabbed her arm. They asked who he was and was he bothering her. She quickly shook her head and told them she was fine. They were trying to drag her away and she told them she would be there in a minute.
She wanted to stay and get to know him better. She quickly made a decision. She excused herself from him and went to talk with her friends. She told them that she was going to stay. They looked at him and warned her to watch herself. She said she wasn’t going to drink anymore and that either he would bring her home or she would catch a taxi. They teased her, telling her she was just horny and she shrugged her shoulders. She collected her purse and started toward him. He stared at her as she approach. She could feel his vision go right through her. She smiled as she walked up to him. He just started back at her. She leaned in and told him that she was all his and then she felt his hand go around her waist. His touch was electric; everywhere his hand went it sent electricity through her body. It seemed to end up centered in her groin. It was making her wet. He led her towards the door and finally outside. It was a cool night and when the air hit her it made her nipples hard. It was because of the sweat soaked shirt she wore. She pushed her body into his to keep warm. They could finally talk without yelling into each other’s ear. He told her he’d like to go somewhere quiet and talk. He asked her if she didn’t mind going back to his place. She thought about things for a minute, her place was a mess and she didn’t know when he would leave. Going back to his place meant that she could leave whenever she wanted. So she decided quickly and they got into his car and started to drive. On the way, they talked about movies, music and food. He pulled into an upscale apartment complex. He pulled in front of one of the buildings and shut off the car. He told her that anytime she wanted to leave and go home to let him know and he would be more than happy to drive her home. His apartment building was grey and everyone had a covered porch or balcony. She followed him up the sidewalk to one of the doors on the first floor. He opened the door and they entered. It was large, spacious apartment. It was also very clean. There was a small kitchen with a dinning area to the right. There was a round oak table in it. To her left there was a large couch and love seat cornered by an end table and matching coffee table in the middle facing the entertainment center. At the far side of the room was a large sliding glass door. The blinds were closed so she couldn’t see out. She asked if he lived here alone. He said no, that he shared the apartment with his roommate and his girlfriend. He told her to make herself at home and went into the kitchen. She heard the sounds of ice cubes entering glass. She sat down on the couch and placed her purse on the coffee table. He returned to her with two drinks. He had made her the same drink she had been drinking in the club. He had something that looked like a cola drink. She asked him what he was drinking. He told her it was a Captain-n-coke. She asked where his roommates were. He said that he didn’t know that they were probably out at dinner or something. She stood up to check out the apartment some more. Behind the living room was a door she assumed was a bedroom and beside it two more doors, one was opened. It was a bathroom. She suddenly felt the urge to relieve her bladder and excused herself. The bathroom was clean and showed signs of a woman’s touch. There were hand towels and an attractive shower curtain. She finished quickly and went back into the living room. He was still seated on the couch where she had left him. He stood up and she followed him down the hallway that separated the kitchen and living room to a door. He opened it and told her that this was his room. It was big. He had a king size bed, dressers, television, another hallway with closets on both sides that led to another bathroom. There was also a sliding glass door with blinds. He opened the blinds to reveal the porch. Right outside his door sat a large hot tub. He opened the door and stepped out. She followed. There was a small table with four chairs, a smaller table, plants and the hot tub filled the small porch. She could hear the low hum of the tub.
He sat down in one of the chairs and she took the chair next to him. They talked. He made some jokes and she laughed. They both sipped on their drinks. Then a buzz emanated from the tub and she heard the water bubbling. It had made her jump. He laughed at her and she asked what it was doing. He told her that they left it on all the time so that it could be used whenever they felt the desire. She started at it. It was covered so all she saw was the cedar brown wood and the brown cover. He noticed her interest and asked if she would like to take a dip. She smiled and said that she would love to but that she didn’t have a suit. He laughed and stood up. He walked over to it and began removing the cover. He told her that they hardly ever wore clothes when they were in it. He leaned the cover against the wall and walked over to the railing. He untied a rope and slowly lowered a screen that she hadn’t noticed before. It provided some privacy from prying eyes. He told her that he was going to get in and that she was more than welcome to join him. He started to remove his clothes right there. She watched in wonder as he stared into her eyes as his naked form came into view. He wasn’t cut, although he wasn’t fat by any means. His soft penis had the promise of something big. He walked over and grabbed his drink and climbed into the tub. He moaned as the water cover his body. He placed the drink on one side, submerged his head and lead back against the side.
She was nervous but stood slowly and kicked off her shoes. The rest of her clothes quickly followed and she grabbed her drink and followed him into the tub. The water was hot, but not too hot. She placed her drink next to his and leaned back to submerge her head in the water. Her long blond hair clung to her back as she sat up. She sat next to him and smiled. She told him that this was great. She felt his hand on her leg and it sent the same electric shocks through her body. He moved his hand around the small of her back and pulled her close to him. She was switching stares between his lips and his eyes. She wanted him to kiss her. He didn’t disappoint her. As soon as their lips touch, both opened and tongues dance in each other’s mouth. She could feel more than any man that had ever kissed her. His tongue matched hers and their kissing style was almost identical. She broke the kiss for a second and only uttered one word, “wow!” He placed his hand on the back of her head and pulled it towards his. Soon their mouths were making love. They would switch sides and twist and turn. She felt his other hand come to her right breast and unconsciously pushed her chest out to meet his touch. She went to wrap her right arm around his waist and pull him closer and met his stiff penis in the process. It startled her at first. She wrapped her hand around him and explored his manhood. It was much longer than she expected. Although she could wrap her hand around it, it had to be over seven or eight inches in length. She felt him tweak her nipples and the sensations sent direct impulses to her clitoris. He moved his mouth to her neck and leaned back to enjoy his mouth. Then she heard the sliding glass door open. It startled her back to reality. Upon opening her eyes she was surprised to see a couple standing there smiling at them. He was dirty blond, well built, but shorter that her partner in the tub. She was about the same size as her with dark brown hair. They teased him and asked who she was. He introduced her to his roommates, Brian and Amber. Brian disappeared and returned with two drinks. Amber stumbled towards the tub. She giggled and excused herself. They had been out to dinner and drinks; however it had been more drinks than dinner. She was drunk she announced. Brian placed the drinks on the edge of the tub and offered to refresh their drinks. They both declined. Amber held onto the side of the tub and kicked off her shoes. One flew over the table and into the far corner. Brian came up behind her and began to undress her. He lifted her shirt and exposed two huge C cup breast held back by a lacy bra. It was removed next and her breast sagged a little under their weight. Amber stared at her as Brian removed the rest of her clothes. She felt Amber’s eyes undressing her, except she was already naked. Amber climbed into the tub and sat next to her. Brian said he needed to check something and that he’d be right back. He grabbed his drink and headed back into the house.
Amber then started in on the two of them. Twenty questions was the game and Amber had to have all the answers. Where had they met? Etc, Etc… Amber looked at her and told her how pretty she was. She thought Amber was very attractive as well and had been bi-curious for sometime now. Amber shifted in the water and it made their legs touch. It shot a chill up her spine. She didn’t move and neither did Amber. She just smiled at her. Her hand was still wrapped around his cock and she slowly removed it. He leaned in to her ear and whispered to her that he thinks that Amber likes her. It made her blush instantly and Amber started splashing him asking what her had said. He laughed and told Amber that he had told her that he thought she like her between splashes. Amber than looked at her and said what’s not to like, she’s beautiful! She didn’t know what to say so she grabbed her drink and took and big sip. Amber asked if she had shocked her. She told Amber that she wasn’t shocked, but was surprised. Amber than asked if she had ever been with a woman. She shook her head no and followed it by telling that she had been curious for sometime now. Amber then told her that she was bi-sexual and that Brian and her had sort of an open relationship. They always played together, so there were no secrets. Amber moved a little closer and reached out to touch her. She inhaled sharply at Amber’s touch. She felt Amber lightly tracing her nails across her stomach. Amber’s hand slid higher and higher. She felt another hand on her and it was his. It was tracing lines up and down her thigh. She turned to look at him and he leaned in to kiss her again. He traced his fingers over her knee as Amber reached her breasts. He took her drink out of her hands. She felt a wet finger touch her chin and pull her head. It was Amber and as she turned her head, Amber leaned in towards her. She felt Amber’s lips touch hers and then her tongue slipped into her mouth. It was very different than kissing a man. It was soft. Softer than anything that had ever touched her lips before. Even her tongue was softer than a man’s. Amber’s hand had lowered and was back upon her breasts. The touch was light, but then she would feel her fingernails and it would force her to arch her back at the sensation. She felt Amber’s hand gradually go lower and lower until she was just above her clitoris. Kissing the entire time, she then felt Amber’s hand go down her left leg till it met his. Amber pulled his hand towards her pussy. She spread her legs in anticipation of what was going to happen. She felt fingers slowly enter her and fingers on her clitoris. She was excited by the situation and knew that it wouldn’t be long till she was climaxing. Long fingers were inside her pussy and they were going in and out of her in a smooth rhythm. Soft fingers manipulated her clitoris. She quickly deduced whose was where. She felt another mouth on the back of her neck and knew it was his. She broke the kiss with Amber and turned her head to engulf his mouth. She was breathing hard now. She felt Amber’s mouth on her neck and shoulder. Then she felt the fingers on her clit move downward and she felt them stretching her as they too entered her along with his. This was going to send her over the edge in a hurry, and then she felt his slowly withdraw and they went to her clitoris where they rested for several seconds. Her heart was beating fast and her breathing was heavy. She suddenly felt his fingers lightly tapping on her clitoris and it sent shock waves through her. He didn’t have to tap more than half a dozen times before her body froze and then began to shake. She came and came hard. She had broken the kiss just before and squealed out her pleasure. She was still shaking from the after shocks when she heard Brian’s voice. Amber doesn’t waste much time does she? She opened her eyes and saw Brian’s naked form enter the tub. It was blurred though. The alcohol, hot water and orgasm had over heated her. She felt dizzy. Amber saw it first and told her to sit up on the edge of the tub to cool off. She lifted herself up to sit on the edge of the tub. The cool air sent waves of goosebumps all over her body. Her already hard nipples harden even more. Amber sat up on the edge with her and asked if she was alright. She nodded but said that she thought that it was enough hot tub for one evening. Amber smiled and got out of the tub. Amber then helped her down and they both walked into the living room.
The guys followed behind and retrieved the girls’ drinks. She and Amber sat on the couch; water glistened on each other’s skin. She looked into Amber’s eyes and again they began to kiss. She reached out and started to explore Amber’s body with her hands. Her skin was softer than she thought it would be. She wanted more. She broke the kiss and started in on Amber’s neck. Her hand was playing with her nipple. She was doing the same thing to her nipple that she would do to her own when she would masturbate. She rolled the harden nub in-between her thumb and finger. Amber showed her appreciation by moaning. She moved down Amber’s body, kissed her way to her breasts. She extended her tongue and danced it around the areola. She then opened her mouth and sucked the nipple into her mouth. Her hand traced down Amber’s stomach until it reaches the top of her pussy. Amber had spread her legs wide in anticipation and didn’t have to wait long till her fingers were spreading her lips to find her clitoris. She moved her fingers in a rhythmic circle over Amber’s clitoris. She felt Amber’s hand guiding her head downward, slowly, and gently. She soon found her knees on the floor and Amber’s pussy inches in front of her face. She watched as her fingers moved the little nub around. Amber had a neatly trimmed patch of hair just above her clitoris. She watched as she adjusted her pressure and speed and at Amber’s reactions. Amber shifted her hips and slides her bottom to the edge of the couch cushion. She could now smell the musky aroma of Amber’s pussy. It smelled good to her. She placed her mouth on the inside of Amber’s left thigh. She licked and sucked her mouth closer and closer to where her hand was. She moved her hand to the side and extended her tongue. She licked up Amber’s slit and across her clitoris. The taste was different than her own. She had tasted herself many times after masturbating. It was still tangy and yet still sweet. She flicked her tongue over the nub repeatedly like she had seen in various porn movies. Then she felt movement behind her. The men were moving the coffee table. She had been so busy with Amber she had all but forgotten about them.
She returned her attention back to Amber’s pussy. She wanted to make her cum. She wanted to taste her. She sucked her clitoris into her mouth and sucked on it like a tiny nipple. Amber was moaning and twisting on the couch. Amber told her she was doing great in a husky voice. She released the clitoris and extended her tongue, she traced downward until she felt the warm entrance to Amber’s vagina. She stiffened her tongue and pushed it in. Amber lifted her pelvis off the couch cushion. She pushed her tongue in as far as it would go and began to flicking it around. The she started to fuck her pussy with her tongue, pausing, when she was inside to roll or flick it around. She could feel Amber tense her muscles around her tongue. She felt the couch shift and opened her eyes to see what was happening. Brian had climbed onto the couch and was standing before Amber. She could see between his legs and watched as Amber began to suck on Brian’s hard cock. Amber engulfed her boyfriend. She was horny and close to cumming. She could sense Amber’s need and licked up to her clitoris and began to lick the little nub. Amber was moving her hips around she just couldn’t keep still. Then she sucked Amber’s clitoris into her mouth and flicked her tongue across it as she sucked. She suddenly felt a mouth on her buttocks. It was his tongue. He was licking her cheeks. He moved his tongue between her cheeks and finally rested it on her asshole. He began to flick it around and push it into her ass. This made her suck harder and sent Amber over the edge. Amber’s body started to shake and her moan was muffled by her boyfriend’s cock. She continued to suck on Amber’s clitoris. She then decided to move her tongue back into her pussy and slide her tongue down. She tasted the liquid produced by Amber’s orgasm. She felt a hand on her clitoris manipulating it as his tongue continued to penetrate her ass. It was driving her mad, no one had ever put their tongue in her ass and she quickly decided she loved it. She pushed back onto his tongue withdrawing her own tongue from Amber’s pussy and then leaned forward to push it in and would withdraw the tongue in her ass. She was close to another climax when his hand disappeared from her clitoris then she felt the finger at the entrance to her pussy and pushed back to push them into herself. His tongue returned to her ass and she continued to fuck her tongue into Amber and his tongue and fingers into herself. She looked up to see Brian was fucking her mouth. Then the fingers were removed from her pussy and replaced by his thumb and his fingers began to rub her clitoris. The stimulation on her three most sensitive places quickly sent her climaxing. She moved up to suck on Amber’s clit as the warm climax washed over her. She shook and breathed heavily out her nostrils. Brian shifted on the couch and sat beside Amber.
Amber reached down and lifted her face from her clit. Amber told her that she wanted to watch her suck on Brian’s cock. She didn’t know what to think about all this. She suddenly realized that she was involved in a small orgy. She didn’t know how to feel about it but the fingers and tongue inside her soon convinced her that she was OK with it all. Amber scooted over and so did Brian. His cock was soon right in front of her face. She grabbed it with her hand. It was still wet with Amber’s saliva. She took another look at Amber. Amber reached out and placed a hand on the back of her head and gently pushed it towards Brian’s dick. She opened her mouth and started to lick the head of his penis. She licked up one side and then down the other. She looked over at Amber who had sat back with her legs spread and was playing with her pussy. This turned her on. She didn’t know why but knowing she was watching her turned her on. The fingers and tongue on her body didn’t hurt anything either. She slowly engulfed the head of Brian’s penis. She stroked him with her hand as well as her mouth. She felt Brian stiffen in her mouth. He was grunting. She heard Amber’s voice asking him if it felt good. He told her that it did. She asked if her wanted to cum in her mouth. He said that he didn’t that he wanted to cum somewhere else. She asked in your favorite place? He grunted out yes. Amber then asked her to stop. She did and looked to Amber for guidance. Suddenly she felt the fingers and tongue stop their manipulations and was slowly removed from her body. Amber grabbed the sides of her face and asked her if she’d ever been with two men at the same time. She said no that she hadn’t. Amber looked up and then looked at her and asked her if she had ever had anal sex. She blushed and nodded her head. Amber asked her, “you liked it didn’t you?” She again nodded. OK then, we’re going to try something new.
Amber took hold of her hand and her man was lying on his back in the middle of the floor. Amber led her to him and told her to get on top and start fucking him. Amber reached into the coffee table drawer and pulled out a couple of condoms and something else. She threw a condom to each guy. They each opened it and placed it on themselves. She climbed on top of her delicious stranger and placed him at the entrance to her pussy. She then lowered herself slowly. He was big and it had been a while since anyone had been inside her. She lowered herself further and further till he was pressing against her cervix. She shifted a little and he slide into her cervix slowly and gently. She rested a moment to get used to the size of him. She felt him flex his love muscle inside of her and it sent ripples of pleasure throughout her body. She slowly started to move up and down each time he would either hit or enter her cervix. She felt an orgasm approaching and increased her speed. Amber watched the two of them closely. She pushed her hand between them and began to rub her clitoris. This sent her over the edge and she collapsed on top of him. They kissed as the waves of pleasure rolled over her like a raging river. Then she felt a hand on her ass. She broke her kiss to see Amber with a hand gently rubbing her clit and reaching behind her. Suddenly she felt a finger on her asshole. It was lubricated with something. It easily pushed into her ass. She felt Amber start to fuck her ass with her finger. Another orgasm was approaching quickly. She pushed back onto his dick and her finger as she climaxed she felt Amber push another finger into her ass. This made her orgasm more powerful. She had started to sweat and was panting. Amber was pumping at least two fingers in and out of her ass and she could feel the cock inside her swelling. Amber then asked if she was ready for Brain’s cock in her ass. She shook her head yes and grunted out the word. Brian had coated his condom covered cock with lubricant and place it on her asshole. Amber told her to push it into her ass by pushing back. She slowly pushed back. Pausing each time it began to hurt. She quickly grew accustom to it and pushed back some more. In no time, Brian was all the way in her ass. She felt full and stretched between the two cocks. She couldn’t seem to find her breath. Amber was still rubbing her clitoris gently in a circle. She felt unreal. She couldn’t describe the feeling. She moved up and forward a little and then pushed back real hard. Amber told her that it was good and that she need to fuck them both. She moved forward a little farther this time and pushed back hard. She could barely breath when they we’re both buried deep inside her holes. She decided to inhale as she moved forward. She began to move faster and faster. She started to climax again. She felt Amber rub her clit more vigorously. She came and hard she couldn’t move any movement caused her to climax harder. Amber yelled out, “Fuck her boys!” They both started to pump in and out of her quickly. She came harder and harder. She had collapsed on top of him. She felt him tense up and knew he was cumming. He kept pumping in and out of her as her came. Brian announced that he was cumming as well. She hadn’t stopped. She was shaking and coming. Then she felt something build inside her and on the next wave of orgasm she froze and shook. Fluid expelled from her pussy and covered him below. She was panting and shaking. She felt Amber slowly remove her fingers from her clitoris. She felt Brian withdraw his cock from her ass and the one in her pussy slowly deflating. Amber helped her off him and the two women held each other and kissed passionately. She broke the kiss and looked at Amber. She asked her if she had ever done that before. Amber told her yes that the three of them would were together quite often. She looked at him and got up and crawled over to where he lay. She embraced him and looked at him in the eyes. She said that she had never experienced anything like that before. Then she asked him if she could stay. He said of course she could. She said I mean permanently. I want to be apart of all this with you and them. He smiled and told her she could stay as long as she liked.

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DAMMIT MAN!!! You aught to write this stuff for a living!!... Oh yea and also.. you are one nice lookin man ...Have a great day

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