The Traveling Sugar Daddy  

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12/8/2005 5:42 am

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The Traveling Sugar Daddy

I'm curious if I have certain expectations of a woman if I'm going to be their Sugar Daddy, should I raise those expectations if I'm going to travel more then 100 miles to them and still be that Sugar Daddy? Or am I even getting exactly what I want. I mean I tend to think I'd make the best Sugar Daddy. I'd take care of their bills (give them a place to live rent free if they lived in Cincinnati) and other little things all in exchange for great, freaky, occasionally kinky sex. All the while they'd still get to do their other men or their boyfriend or whoever. And even better, they'd could fuck other guys with me watching! Sounds like a tough deal to beat to me. But what expectations would I have if I had to drive more then 2 hours or fly to them. I mean that would have to be some killer pussy!

(Amber )
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10/12/2007 10:53 am

How about that they drive to you and give you all the pussy and fun with others you can handle and you give them enough cash to live on until next time?

I would think that would be the way to handle that.
I think you would like a girl like me I don't fuck around alot and if you truly were my sugar daddy and took care of me then I would not need any other men unless we were fucking others.

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