Begining 10/5/05  

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10/21/2005 1:18 am

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Begining 10/5/05

What is it you ask. If you do ask get the hell of my page you moron! This is my blog and even I don't knoww what it wil become. My initial guess is just random ramblings. I enjoy writing and this will be a good place to warm up or maybe clear a little blockage.Comments are not currently open that my change. I really don't expect any one to read this anyway. if ant of you have request (other than quit) e-mail me and pay me i'm a whore not an artist. Yes there are many ypos here get over them .I'm a writer not a typist, beisdes i think it adds some charecter to see my work in the rough. Like freud said...there are no mistakes. He was a cokehead why listen to him. Seems freud and tom cruise have more in common than tom would like. i bet the baby aint his lol. i smoke i swear i on rare occasions drink to excess. I am begining a new relationship with a real girl other than my right hand Shanya.I tend to be consevative, areal one not a republican and certainly not those hucksters on tv and radio. I hate stupidity. I love someone who when they dissagree have facts to back thier argument rather than just opinions and feelings. I hate to loose arguments. arun=ments do not have to be personall. ok out for today gotta meet my girl tomorrow.

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12/7/2005 8:53 am

I like the way you think so you just keep on writing

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