Quite an Interesting Day....  

rm_chucka95 58M
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2/23/2005 4:28 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Quite an Interesting Day....

So ANOTHER day hanging out in the chatroom when I could be doing something a lot more productive. It's interesting that all these faceless characters have become quasi-friends. I chat with them, argue, laugh, make jokes and every so often I get lucky and actually have dates with them. THERE'S something new--actual physical dates where we see each other in-person.
SO, here's what happened. An old girlfriend pops in and starts talking about her "adventures" in meeting some other guy. Perhaps she's trying to make me jealous. But she's in L-A and I'm in San Diego so THAT'S not going anywhere. She must have felt guilty because after I left the chatroom, she started pimping for me--trying to find me a date. Hey with the ratio of men to women in there, I'll take all the help I can get.
A little later, I pop back into chat and end up on I-M with a woman from Riverside. The next thing you know, the conversation starts to get steamy and she asks me if I have a webcam. Luckily for me, my kids have one--so I turn it on and one thing leads to another. That was quite an experience. I'm not really the cam type--but it certainly was different. My favorite comment of hers was "Oh MY...I never KNEW about THAT." Now tell me THAT comment isn't an ego-stroker--among other strokers...LOL.....
The night ended in the chat room talking to another woman about showering together....while my Ex was talking about getting laid by somebody else.

I'm the first to realize that it's a LONG ways from the chatroom to the bedroom. It's all just fun...and if anything ever comes out of it--so much the better. Nothing like a good time waster like AdultFriendFinder chat.... See you in the SoCal room.


thong_bird 61F

2/25/2005 12:06 pm

oh honey I wasn't trying to make you jealous...but thanks for calling me a girlfriend, albiet, "ex"...but note: I make a much better ex than girlfriend...and I'll pimp for you anytime...but Riverside?

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