My Post-Orgasmic Sensitive Side...  

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3/3/2005 3:26 pm

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My Post-Orgasmic Sensitive Side...

Here's something from 2003...It's part of my "girly" side that I don't show too

Steel blue-gray clouds over small lights,
Sweet ballads and
Snowflakes on the steps
Waiting, like me, for you to fall.

If only you were able to move,
to go,
to fly,
to fall.
I know how deep your smile
how hard your love
how far your longing
how wild your pleasure
If you were able to fall.

To see you there, then, would tickle me crazy.
To see you there, then, in the embrace of that fall.

But I already know that view.
You have that smile.
Your eyes burn with that love
that joy
that fall.

So then I hum,
I sigh,
I giggle,
I kiss,
I smile,
I know,
I bow,
I go,
Having had the joy,
The very joy I've ever desired for you-
Only for you-
And your fall.

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