All becuase of one single rose.  

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12/26/2005 6:30 pm

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All becuase of one single rose.

It was supposed to be a blind date. We had been chatting for a while on another web site and seem to enjoy eachothers conversations. When I got up the nerve to ask her if she would like to meet some where. She Agreed and we decided that we would meet near by at a local movie theater to watch a movie. I showed up 20 minutes before the time we were supposed to meet and waited. It was a cool evening and there was a slight breeze blowing down the street wafting all of the different scents of the resteraunts near by.

In the Northern Virginia area we have what we call Town Centers were you have 7 to 8 twenty to thirty floor buildings. The lower part of the buildings are shops and resteraunts while above them are office buildings.

I was standing in front of the building that had the theater in it watching people go by. I was wearing a shirt and tie with a black leather jacket on feeling like I was looking good that night. I had bought a single red rose for this first meeting. I waited about thirty to fourty minutes and she never showed.

That is when I decided that I did not want to throw the flower away but give it to the most beautiful woman that I thought was single. I watched the girls as they went by and into the theater when I saw this beautiful red head. As she was outside waiting for some one I walked up to her and introduced myself to her and said "I was supposed to meet a blind date here this evening and she did not show. I handed her the rose and told her that I had bought this rose for her and I did not want to leave it here on the sidewalk to be stepped on. I thought you were a beautiful woman and I decided that I would like to brighten your day and tell you that you are a very beautiful woman and give you a rose." As she accepted the rose I bid her a good evening and walked away.

As I turned a corner I felt someone grab my hand. I stopped and it was her, she smiled and said that her name was Brandy. She said that she loved the rose and she wanted to go out for drinks some time. She gave me her Business card and told me to call her tomorrow. She then explained that she was there at the theater waiting for her neice to get off work so that she could drive her home. She said that she would be free tomorrow evening if that would be ok. I smiled said that it would be wonderful.

The next day I called her. She and I spoke for a couple of hours on the phone getting to know eachother. We decided that we would meet there again and then go to dinner and drinks after we met up. We had several more dates. Each better than the last. Till finally I invited her to my house where I had dinner planned and ready to cook when she showed up. She was wearing a little black dress that was mouth watering. The fire was burning in the fire place and was the only light in the living room while we were chatting and sipping red wine. We were sitting on the couch in front of the fire place. She was leaning on me with my arm around her shoulder and we were talking about work and how we looked forward to the evening together.

She said that her back was hurting her a little bit, that she thought it was her new office chair. I suggested that I can give her a back massage to see if that would ease her discomfort and she quickly agreed. So she laid down in front of the fireplace while I sat next to her and proceeded to give her a long back massage. She then made the comment that her legs are a little tight from the work out she had earlier that day from the Gym. So I slowley massaged her legs.

After a while she finished her wine while I still was massaging her legs and feet, I asked her if she would care for more wine. She smiled and said yes. So I retreived the bottle and poured her another glass of wine. She rolled over and was laying on her back and I could not resist looking at her full well rounded breasts and her glistening red lips reflecting the light from the fire in the fire place. She smiled. I leaned over and kissed her beautiful red lips and she reponded like a tigress. Our tounges did their own version of the tango and my hand caressed her soft frim body. She and I becoming more excited and enjoying the touch and feel of the other. I removed her dress as if I were a child unrapping a christmas present. She undressed me while our tongues still danced to thier own music. Her perfume was soft and elgant with the hint of lavender. Making me want to devour her even more. I kissed from her lucious lips down her neck to her hard nipples. I licked and sucked on her nipples for a little bit then kissed her down her stomache. From there I kissed her to her wonderful tasting pussy where I licked, kissed and sucked her to a shuttering orgasm. She undressed me and kissed me all over.

After she kissed me all over she laid on her back slowly spreading her legs again. I slowly crawled between her legs and slowly eazed myself in to her hot wet pussy. She moaned as I started thrusting deep into her. After and explosive orgasm shaking my entire body she and I started kissing again and my fingers slipped gently between her soft pussy lips. Her hips moved with my fingers and ensuring that she gets all of the elcitrical feeling of the oncoming orgasm she is recieving.

We continued till the sun start showing throught the windows when we were shocked to see the sun shining. I carried her up to bed and we both used the bedroom phone to call in sick to work. We laid in bed chatting for awhile then we made love to eachother several more times then letting our exaustd bodies claim us into soft sleep in each others arms.

We had quite a few more evenings like that till she was transfered to another state. She and I talk now and then and now she is married expecting her first child.

This is a true story. Unfortunately I decided to let her go becuase that is what she wanted. It was a permotion for her. She and I visited each other and life slowly took over and our schedules seemd to not match, after time we slowed down. I am looking to find another woman that I can make the rest of the nites to go by like that. All becuase of one single rose.

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