The Diner...01  

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The Diner...01

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Diaries of a Madman....The Diner...A Murder Mystery...01

I love scary stories, and writing them comes natural. But writing anything else, aside from maybe fantasy, is pretty difficult for me. The following story will be comprised of three parts in which I'll give the over view of the longer version I've been working on in my head. I hope you enjoy it...and please let me know what you think after reading it...

The Diner:
By C. Forte

“You head’n to the diner, man…” Jimmy brushed the remaining droplets of ice cold lake off his back. His shoulders looked bigger in the moonlight, but no by much. His gym routine was the buzz around school. No one could believe how much muscular he’d become over the year without taking drugs to speed up the process. After the school coach required a doctor’s visit, he turned up clean, though.

“The diner,” said Beck. “We haven’t been there in years.”

At 17, Jamie was astoundingly beautiful; but now at the endearing youthfulness of 21, she’d grown into her fit body like someone crawling into a dive suit so well…you could use the phrase…‘every curve flowed into next,’ as the definition of grace. “I, myself, would love some pancakes with strawberries, boys. Let’s not talk about it anymore; but instead, let’s go the Drama Diner for eats and some laughs.”

“Screw that, Jamie. That’s a hangout for misfits and losers,” described Beck as he struggled with the wet boot which wasn’t sliding onto his foot.

“Shut up, punk,” sneered Jimmy. “You resemble that remark. Hell! We all do, and…that used to be our hangout, which was a pretty cool place back in the day.”

“That’s where I want to go, you two, and if you think either of are going to have any fun with this girl tonight, then you’ll take me ‘there’.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” squirmed Beck. “You’re actually holding a restaurant over our ‘b…’ whatever, I can eat pancakes. I can eat a whole lot of them so prepare to go down, Jamie, cause I’m going to out eat you…lol”

“Oh, really sweetie,” she kissed him, “Don’t be too sure of yourself…K?”

Even at two in the morning, the diner was packed. The smoke was thick in the lounge area, which is where Jamie headed before the hostess could get a word out. “Guess you want the smoking section, then,” panted the hostess.

“Isn’t that the same lady that used to seat us like 2 years ago,” asked Beck sliding a $20 over to Jimmy.

“Thanks, man! I’ll pay you back Friday.”

“I still owed you from last Thursday so don’t even worry about. A buck’s not going hurt my wallet too badly, especially for old…and I mean ‘old’ friend such as yourself.” Beck elbowed the Jimmy’s side.

“Uoof, careful there, buddy, that’s the booze pouch your working over, and I already got to pee. You’re right, though, I think it’s the same girl.”

“Girl?” said Beck sarcastically.

“You know what I mean, smart ‘boy’. Uoffff,” winced Jimmy. “That’s two I owe you, now.”

Jamie sat down next to two girls as if she’d known them all her life. “Are you related to them Jamie,” asked Beck.

She noticed that both Beck and Jimmy were giving her equally surprised exchanges. “We’ve just met,” she said casually inviting her two friends to sit down with the wave of her hand. “It’s cool; right girls?”

“Totally,” said the girl eyeing Beck. “No questions here,” she snickered.

“Oh, my either,” chimed in the other girl who Jamie had slid her arm around.

“You’ve still got in you, kid,” said Jimmy.

“And I always will,” replied Jamie brushing the girl’s hair between the tips of her fingernails. “She’s a cute one; isn’t she, boys?” The brunette blushed and smiled heavily at Jimmy.

“What’a ya have’n, then,” said the waitress who’d crept up on the table like an oversized cat.

Everyone at the table glanced at each other with the expectation that one of them had at least looked ready, but blank stairs shoot back. “Right,” I guess you’ll need a few more minutes. Can I get drink order?”

The brunette, Vixen, she’d called herself, started the diner drama first by asking if Jamie, Beck, or Jimmy had heard about the recent murder and investigation about a sixteen year old who’d snuck out to join a few friend at the diner and wound up by the lake…well…some of her, anyways.

“How old are, sweetheart,” asked Jamie wondering how the girl got her name.

“I’m 19…,” she returned , “…and I’m old enough to drink no matter what anyone else thinks. If I can work in Sliver River, I’m old enough to do what I damn well please.”

“That explains a lot,” said Jimmy reminding himself of parts of their conversation since they’d met the two younger girls.

“Doesn’t it, though,” said Jamie. “Are you also working at the strip club,” she asked the other girl who was still smiling at Beck and playing the locks of red hair twirling down her shoulder.

“Yeah,” was all she said. “You can call me Danna, though, since I don’t like people using my club name.”

As Vixen eyed Beck, Danna continued the story going into detail about what the 16 girl was wearing that night as if it were her way of saying, ‘yeah…I remember her…I remember her well enough that she made an impression on me,’ but Danna’s body language suggested that she hadn’t known the girl well at all.

Jimmy froze as he remembered something down by the lake. “I know what she was wearing…” he trailed off.


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